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The ACT Gambling and Racing Commission, which is a part of the ACT government, is the regulating body responsible for all sorts of gambling in the Australian Capital Territory. This commission was established under section 5 of the Gambling and Racing Control Act 1999. The commission provides the administration needed to all acts relating to gambling or racing. Its tasks can be summarized as the following:

  • Regulating the activities of casinos, lotteries, racing tracks and gaming machines.
  • Approving such gaming activities
  • Monitors and researches the effects of gambling on the society.
  • Providing any needed consulting and education services
  • Collecting taxes, charges and fees authorized and imposed under the current gaming laws in the name of the ACT state.

As apparent from the previously mentioned tasks, they do not include online gambling, this is because online gambling, in all of Australia, including the ACT, is illegal according to the Interactive Gaming Act of 2001 (IGA 2001). This is why the ACT Commission will not in any way deal or manage online casinos. Although, this does not mean that players in the Australian Capital Territory will not be able to enjoy online gambling, this is because the IGA 2001 only prevents the offering of the service, and not receiving it. So while casinos that are located in ACT can’t offer players in Australia with their services, players can enjoy the services of operators that run their operations from off shore locations. The operators located in Australia can even offer their services, but to players from around the world, and not Aussies. So if you live in the Australian Capital Territory, you can feel free to pursue an online gaming adventure without any legal trouble.

Choosing the Best Online Casino

As mentioned, there are hundreds and thousands of online casinos that the residents of the Australian Capital Territory can access. This might be considered a good thing, as it represents a lot of variety.  On the other hand, it might make it a little harder for Aussies to pick a casino to play at since there are so many options.

Since we tend to cater to all of the needs of Australian players in general, and ACT players in specific, we have chosen some of the top names in the Australian online gambling scene and checked them out so we can provide detailed reviews that discuss every aspect of the casino. These reviews were written by professional players who know a lot about what makes a casino a great one. The reviews would talk about the casino’s selection of pokies, the interface and software, its bonuses and its requirements and its security measures. Reading these reviews and comparing between these top online casinos would help ACT residents in making the best decision according to their needs so they can enjoy the gaming experience of a life time.

Land Casinos in ACT

The Casino Canberra is located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The Casino Canberra was the first casino to be legally opened in the Capital of Australia. The casino was built on land that was taken from Glebe Park by use of a 99 year lease signed by both the casino licensee and the government of the territory. Read on about Casino Canberra.

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