Adelaide Casino


Adelaide Casino

The Adelaide Casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Participants must be 18 years of age to enter the gaming areas. Customers will need to show a valid photo I.D. All ages many enter and dine at Sean's Kitchen or Madame Hanoi restaurants. Children are not permitted to be left alone at any time in the Casino. If a child is found unattended, the staff will attempt to locate the adult responsible for the child. Security must be notified about the unattended child as well.

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Telephone: +61 (08) 8212 2811
Address: North Terrace, Adelaide SA 5001, Australia

There are several items that one cannot wear when at the Adelaide Casino. They are: torn clothes, gang patches, dirty clothes or shoes and clothing featuring offensive language. Also, customers must be respectful and considerate to all other participants at the Adelaide Casino. If not, the staff will take steps to stop certain behaviors.

The staff at Adelaide Casino is trained on gambling and drinking responsibly. They can and will assist any customers who are in need of help if one has gambling or drink problems. There is a free Smartphone app called, ‘Stay on Track,' to help keep track of the spending. It can be used on iPhone and Android phones. There are several different programs that the Casino has in place to help all watch their spending.

There are several different options customers have when parking their cars. When customers have earned enough qualifying points, they can receive complimentary valet parking. Cash valet parking can be purchased for $40 for a 24 hour window. Customers must have enough qualifying points to park in this area.

The next option is to park for free in the Blyth Street car park. Customers must have enough qualifying points to park in this area. Parking is only good for 10 hours. The last option is to park at the Hindley Street car park. The price for this car park will depend on the amount of time the car is left in the park.

There are several different bars at Adelaide Casino. Each bar is unique. The bars are: Madame Hanoi,
which features French-Vietnamese cuisine by chef Nic Watt; Chandelier Bar is a relaxing and friendly location, which features a local wine; Grandstand Sports Bar, this is the spot for all the sports fans.

The food includes hamburgers and snacks. There are 12 TVs to watch all the sporting action; Oasis Outdoor Pizza Bar, is better than a picnic lunch! This eatery features an open air space and wood oven pizza; Backyard Beer Garden, this bar truly features the beauty of the Adelaide area. It is a relaxing bar that also has a garden.

This casino is the 10th largest employers in South Australia. They currently employ more than 1,100 staff members, ranging from cocktail waiters to wardrobe attendants. Adelaide Casino holds the State's only table gaming license. There are many different gaming machines and areas to play at. There are two floors full of games and a rewards program to make each day memorable. Addition to the machines, there are many games to play at the tables.

Adelaide Casino opened its doors in December of 1985. The original casino consisted of 89 gaming tables. In 1991, the Casino was allowed to have video gaming machines in its center. Then, in 1993, poker machines were added.

By 1997, the amount of machines at Adelaide Casino were 674. The Casino was sold in June of 2000 to SKYCITY Entertainment Group. In 2001, the name was changed to SKYCITY Adelaide.

A project was started, beginning in December of 2003, to redevelop the interior. It took approximately three years to finish. By 2009, the name of the Casino was changed back to Adelaide Casino, even though the location is still owned by Skycity. In 2007, the Balfours Pie Cart was removed from the Adelaide Casino.

SKYCITY Entertainment Group is an Australasian company. It is a leader for gaming and entertainment companies. In addition to Adelaide Casino, the SKYCITY group owns casinos in Auckland, Darwin, Queenstown and Hamilton.