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App Support for Casino Bonus Finder App for Chrome

We really want the casino bonus finder to be the easiest way for you to locate the best online casino bonuses. While we are currently in beta, and in continual development, we hope to get your feedback.  The best means of contact for support is  That email is monitored, so if you have any suggestions, complaints or compliments, please direct those there.

The Casino Bonus Finder app is two part in its developments.  We are working on the front end to give you a fast connection to the best bonuses available now.  The second part is in working with reputable online casinos to secure exclusive bonuses for our app customers.

With the current test being setup as a Chrome Extension, we hope to find any bugs, collect positive feedback and get the app ready for distribution across the iTunes Appstore, Google Play and Windows App Store.  We are also in the works to have the app distributed on Xbox.

Also, finally had the chance to join  I have been meaning to become a part of the community for a few years but have continually been working non-stop.

App Support for Casino Bonus Finder – Change Log Last Updated 25/07/2015

02062015 Software updates. Added additional promotional offers on the promotions and events pages. Technician: Noah Baker

02062015 Added some additional parental advisories on our free pokies and free casino games section. Technician: Noah Baker

22052015 Modified Pokies and Casino Games Code to reflect updates from 3rd party software.  Improvements are faster loading and more responsive. Technician: Noah Baker

21052015B Improved image compression with a change to system code as well as physical compression of individual images.  Improvement to page speed load time. Technician: Noah Baker

21052015 Added promotions functionality to live app.  App users now have the ability to check current promotions at a limited test of online casinos. Technician: Noah Baker