Casino Canberra

The Casino Canberra

The Casino Canberra

There are many fantastic casinos around the world and one of the more interesting casinos is the Casino Canberra.  is known as one of the most interesting casinos in Australia.

Casino Canberra is considerably smaller than other casinos in Australia, but it is still quite an impressive casino. This casino does not incorporate any hotels, auditoriums, theatres, or retail stores. The casino is also not licensed to operate any poker machines. While this casino is smaller and lacks many features, it is still a wonderful option for those in Australia that would like to gamble in the capital.

Casino Canberra is the only casino in the capital that is able to operate gambling tables. This is an exciting option for many people that are looking to gamble in the Canberra area. While there are many awesome entertainment options in Canberra, but the Casino is a fantastic option for those that love to gamble and want a truly unique experience.

There are thirty-nine different gaming tables at Casino Canberra. These tables include games like baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Those that love table games are sure to love their trip to Casino Canberra. The Casino also includes an amazing poker lounge, that is great for those that love the classic game of poker.
Sports betting has grown in popularity throughout the world in recent years. Gamblers love to bet on the large number of sporting events and they also love to watch the action after they have placed their bets. Casino Canberra is designed to be a wonderful place for sports betters. The casino features a wonderful sports lounge and gamblers are sure to love their time in the sports lounge.

Rewards programs have grown in popularity at casinos in reason years. Casinos have utilized rewards programs in order to ensure that people want to keep coming back for more. Casino Canberra has an extremely popular rewards program. This rewards program is known as the Senators club. This club allows members to earn points that are redeemable for excellent prizes. The prizes include meals at the restaurant in the casino or at a group of hotels located near the casino. The points can also be spent at some other businesses within the city. Members of the club are also entitled to parking and they are allowed to enter a wide range of gaming tournaments that are hosted by Casino Canberra. This is one of the better rewards programs among casinos in Australia.

Casino Canberra has an interesting history. The casino was issued a license from the government of Australia. This happened in spite of extremely strong opposition from many different residential groups. The group, Casinos Austria International was the group selected by the state government as the operator of the casino not long after the license was issue. The group quickly formed the subsidiary company known as Casino Canberra Limited. The license did not come cheap though, Casinos Austria paid $19 million up front in order to lease the land that they needed. They also agreed to pay a half million dollars a year in order to continue holding their license.

The group started running a temporary casino in 1992 at the convention centre. They immediately began building the permanent casino and that permanent casino was opened in 1994. The opening party was an extremely exciting affair. The party was hosted by the extremely popular Dr. Leo Walner, who was the head of Casinos Austria. The first spin of the roulette wheel at the opening featured a golden ball that was given out at the end of the event. The group was run by Casinos Austria for many years, but in 2014 it was bought by the Aquis Group.

Casino Canberra is an extremely popular casino, mostly because it is the only casino in the city of Canberra. This casino will continue to be popular in the city and is a major source of profit for the Aquis group. This casino is likely to continue to be a valuable property for years to come and gamblers are sure to enjoy playing the games that the casino has to offer.


Address: 21 Binara Street, Canberra ACT 2601, Australia
Phone: +61 2 6257 7074‎