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Crown Perth Casino

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The Crown Perth Casino property was opened as Burswood Island Casino in 1985, and it was much smaller than it is today. The island is in the middle of the Swan River, and that island has been tapped for development by the Perth city council. The island itself was seen as unstable, and the project stalled more than once while the city tried to get the project done.

Converting the former landfill site into a hotel and casino went to a bidder after several years of deliberation, and the project began despite concerns over erosion on one side of the island. The project began with just the proposed hotel and attached casino. This was a single building that housed everything the property was to be, but the whole island was not utilized.

The casino has been expanded more than once to become the complex that it is today. Each expansions added more buildings to the property, and the offerings from the casino changed as it expanded.

The Complex

The complex is now home to two hotels that have a total of 696 rooms. The two hotels are on opposite ends of the property, and they have many new additions in the middle of the property. It was supposed to open for the 1987 America's Cup, but it did not open in time. The local government has since tried to improve it as much as possible to keep visitors coming even though the facility was not open for its intended purpose.

The Extras

The complex is a conference center that has a massive ballroom and many different conference rooms. These rooms make it easy for companies to hold meetings, and there are conferences there all during the year. The expanse of the property keeps the meeting areas away from the casinos, but the guests still get to have a good time when they are out of their meetings. This is something that the hotel has prided itself on because it has put in many shops and restaurants for people to enjoy. The complex is more like a shopping centre that people would go to on the weekends, but it has the added option of being a casino.

There was a golf course at one time, and the casino still has room to expand to other parts of the island, and the island can be built up if the Burswood management wants to put in even more buildings.

This unique island casino is the kind of place that people can go for a business meeting or a vacation. Perth is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, and it hosts one of the nicest casinos in Australia. It has expanded so much that a visitor could miss the gambling altogether and still have a good time.

Address: Great Eastern Highway, Burswood WA 6100, Australia
Phone: +61 8 9362 7777