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Gambling has always been a popular activity among Aussies, especially those who reside in The Northern Territory. This is apparent from the great number of brick and mortar casinos that are found all across Australia, and after the global acceptance of online gambling, there are also plenty of online casinos that are offering their online gaming services to the residents of the Northern Territory.

All sorts of gambling activities in this area are regulated and licensed by the Licensing Commission of the Northern Territory. As of 2009, all online gambling and betting companies that were based in the NT area have really enjoyed the low tax cap that was implemented, which was intentional by the NT Commission in order to keep other states from attracting the industry, especially Tasmania. There were plenty of talks in December of Last year that the senators and the government of NT are considering different ways to get more money out of these companies, especially after the revelations that more than 8.5 million dollars were paid in bets last year.

Finding the Best Online casino in the Northern Territory

Of course, when we say the Best Online casino, we mean some of the best, because in an industry like online gambling, there is not a “BEST” casino that is recommended but there are several ones. Each of the top casinos have their pros and cons, and it is up to Aussies to make their decision, depending on their needs and what they are looking for in an online casino.

There are a lot of aspects that would make an online casino a recommended one. The first of these aspects is the selection of games. This is because an online casino is only as good as its selection of casino games. A good casino would offer the players in the Northern Territory a lot of different pokies, which is certainly one of the most popular casino gaming genres in the world, and especially among Aussies. Also, a casino would not be a good one unless it has a selection of other gaming genres like roulette, video poker games, craps, blackjack and more.

Other than the games, a casino has to cater to the needs of Aussies by providing them with the appropriate depositing/withdrawal methods, which makes it easy for them to handle their banking needs at any given time. Add to that the security and the safety measures, and the availability of the customer support.

How to Find a Casino

Surfing and searching the web for good casinos will not only take a lot of time, but it might not be quite fruitful. This is why we provide Aussies from the Northern Territory with a lot of casino reviews of some of the best ones that offer their services in that area. This way, players would be able to learn more about each casino, its ups and down, so they can make the best decision.

Northern Territory Casino on Land

Skycity Darwin did not start its life as an MGM property. The MGM Grand Darwin was a casino opened in 1979 as Mindil Beach Casino. A series of business transactions turned the casino over the provincial government before it was bought out by MGM. The takeover by MGM solidified the casino, but the name changed to MGM Grand Darwin. It is now called Skycity Darwin while its white exterior looks like a sky city itself. The current ownership group has only owned the hotel since 2013, and they changed the name to Skycity to match the name of their investment group. Even through its tumultuous history this casino has been a haven for play and fun on the coast.  Read more about Skycity Darwin

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