Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Last Updated 28/04/2015

Our reader’s privacy is of utmost concern and as such, we apply a strong commitment in informing our readers of how their information is used. will collectively be referred to as “us” or “we” within this privacy policy.

Our Privacy Policy discusses the following:

The information that may be collected when a reader navigates our site.

How that information is used by us or by our partners.

Questions regarding our privacy policy may be addressed to

The Information Collected on our Site

During the navigation of our site, we may collect information on our server logs which may include the country of originating request, internet protocol (IP), type of browser, type of device, previous site visited and other similar information.  This type of information is typically collected by all servers for analytical reporting.  This information is not shared by us with anyone outside of our company unless requested by a legally recognized authority or governing body.

In order for many of the bonuses offered to function properly, this site has to use a cookie in order to pass the correct parameters to the participating casino.  This cookie simply registers that the correct link and code were used and that information is then extracted by the casino and the bonus applied to the reader’s account. This is not an identifier specific to the reader, but only to our site.  This data cannot be used to identify the reader’s actual identity.

If you contact us by either the website messaging system or direct email, this record may be archived.

Your consent will be requested by us if any information beyond what is discussed in this policy should need to be used.

Any email communication may be opted out of by you at any time.

Cookies on our site may be disabled by your browser.  It is important to remember that disabling this function may impede your use of special bonuses or exclusive offers.

We do not collect personal information from our readers.  The information that is sent to any 3rd party by us is only through a link which our readers consent to click in order to receive more information about said 3rd party or collect an offered bonus.

Secured Information

We go above and beyond what is required in order to keep your information safe to provide you the best possible and safest experience on your visit.

3rd Party Websites

Our Privacy Policy applies to our website only and your visit to our website.  Other parties that appear on our website will have their own policies or their own terms and conditions for use of their website.


We continually monitor our Privacy Policy compliance.  When a written complaint is received, we make every effort to contact the complainant within twenty-four hours to address the issue.

Children Under 18 Years of Age

Our website is in no way targeted towards children under 18 years of age.  We will never, with knowledge, or attempt to collect information of a personal nature from a person under the age of 18.  Parents that may have concern about their child’s information on our website may contact the manager at

Our Server is Located in New Zealand

If you are outside of New Zealand, your analytical data may be stored and or processed on our server in New Zealand.  As such, you fully consent to this method of storage and processing.

Policy Changes

The policies above may change without notification.  Our readers may re-visit this policy to see if the policy has changed.  We will change the policy last updated date when there is a modification to the privacy policy.

Browser Updates

Modern browsers provide users the ability to control features for privacy and protection.  Here are some links that can assist you in properly applying the settings that best suit your preference.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Visit for information regarding controls for privacy.

Mozilla and Firefox: 
Visit for information regarding controls for privacy.

Chrome / Google : 
Visit for information regarding controls for  privacy for that browser.

Safari / Apple:
Visit for information regarding controls for privacy.