Reef Hotel And Casino

Reef Hotel Casino

Reef Hotel and Casino Australia

The Reef Hotel and Casino was granted its casino license in 1996, and it opened shortly thereafter, but the casino had been in the works since 1992 when the Queensland government was looking for developers to open a new casino. The idea was to bring jobs to the area while providing a beacon of style and class for the community. The casino opened to great fanfare in 1996, and it was conceived as the kind of place that people would want to visit down by the coast without actually going to the beach.

The Design

The design of the hotel itself is unique because it is not like the mega casinos that people find in Asia or Las Vegas. This casino is small, and it is sophisticated. People still wear tuxedos on the casino floor, and they are enveloped in a design that looks like it came out of a James Bond movie. This is the appeal of the casino that cannot be put into words. People who enter the casino know that they have entered a special place. The gaming floor is not too big, and the atmosphere is much calmer than people would find in a mega casino.

The Setup Of The Hotel

The hotel only has 128 rooms, and it is designed to feel like a small community. There are enough rooms to accommodate guests from out of town, but there are not so many rooms that the hotel feels crowded. The 128 rooms make the guests feel like they are a part of a small community, and the rooms are appointed beautifully. This is something that makes the casino more fun to visit because the casino is simply much more stylish and beautiful.

The Landscape

The area just around the casino is a wonderful place to hold a wedding or have a picnic with a loved one. This is the sort of place that can offer an iconic and memorable wedding experience for anyone who visits, and the landscaping makes the casino feel like it is in a special place set apart from the rest of the world.

The Locals

The casino is populated by locals who come in every night to play or eat, but these locals are a part of the history and prestige of the casino. The casino was meant to bring jobs to the area, but the casino also brings fun and joy to the area. Locals who come in every night are welcoming to the vacationers who are in the casino, and these locals offer a great blend of the world outside and the magical world inside the casino.

There are many beautiful things about the Reef, but the casino is beautiful all on its own. This is a great place to gamble, and it is an even better place to feel as though one has been transported to a movie set from days gone by.

Phone: 61 7 4030 8888
Address: 35 – 41 Wharf Street CAIRNS QLD 4870