Skycity Darwin

Photo Courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Skycity Darwin Casino

Skycity Darwin casino only has 113 rooms, but it is a massive mecca for gaming and fun. The number of rooms does not indicate how large this casino actually is. The casino is so massive that people can get lost in it even if they are not staying there. MGM expanded the gambling offers at the casino during their takeover, and the new management have managed to keep up this casino in all its splendor.

The Location
This casino is in Darwin in the Northern Territory. It sits right on the coast, and it makes a great place for people to vacation. The sea is near the casino, and people can enjoy the community that sits around the casino just as much as the casino itself. This is the kind of place that is all-inclusive to vacationers. One member of the family can stay in the casino, but everyone else can go off to the beach.
The DesignThe modern design of the casino was far ahead of its time when it first opened in the 70s. This white exterior does look like a city that sits on the clouds, but it was always meant to look different from the other casinos around the world. This advanced sort of design changed the way that casinos were designed, and ti paved the way for even more progressive casinos in the future. The hotel almost feels like it belongs in an amusement park because of its whimsical exterior.

The Overall Impression

The overall impression of this casino is that it has been kept up over the years. People may realize that they are in a casino that has stood since the 70s, but they are not going to feel as though they are in a casino that is just too old for them. This is the kind of place that is keeping up with the times, and there are many new features and activities opening every year at the casino.

The SkyCity Darwin Casino is a great way for people to vacation in Australia. They can get away from the big cities to a place on the northern coast that is going to give them a gambling and beach experience unlike any other. Skycity is under new management, but it is still going strong in the Australian market.