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Sydney Star Casino NSW

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History of the Sydney Star Casino

What started as a temporary license to the casino would later become the second largest casino in Australia. The license was granted by Australian Acting Prime Minister Kim Beazley for the temporary business pursuits of the casino in 1995. Technically, the Sydney Star Casino did not find its permanent residence until November of 1997, over two years later. In the year 2009, the Star Casino's owners decided to give the casino a rejuvenating renovation. The renovation included a new entrance and and expansion towards the harbor. Then, the casino ownership divided into two companies.

(Formerly Star City Casino)

Address: 80 Pyrmont Street | Pyrmont, Sydney, New South Wales 2009, Australia Phone: +61 2 9777 9000

About the Owners

Technically, there are two owners of the Star Casino. Echo Entertainment Group and Tabcorp. Although it was originally Tabcorp as the sole owner, in 2011 after the renovation, the casino ownership was split between both companies. Echo Entertainment Group currently controls the management aspect of the entire casino and hotel. They do this to make it easier for both companies infrastructures. It is easier for them to monitor, maintain and control the entire casino and hotel instead of reporting between two companies. Echo Entertainment Group is a public company that reports a revenue of over $2.3 billion.

Tabcorp continues to control all aspects of their previous keno games, wagering systems and a few other elements that keep the company growing in ways that are separate from Echo Entertainment Group. Their slogan is “the bigger better game,” and they pride themselves on having over 1.2 million regular customers wagering bets. If this isn't enough, Tabcorp has over 1.3 million regular keno customers. In addition, their racing channel is called sky racing and, believe it or not, it is broadcasted to 29 countries and hosts over 83,000 races each year.

Location, Location, Location

The casino is located in the beautiful city of Pyrmont in Sydney, Australia. The city is part of New South Wales and, according to a 2011 census, it is home to 11,618 people. This makes Pyrmont the most densely populated suburb in the entire country. The city was once a bustling harbor, but it has seen a steady decline. The casino supports the city's economy greatly by providing jobs and other opportunities to citizens of this great city.

Information About Its Developers

Leighton Properties is a construction and civil engineering firm that was founded in the middle of the 20th century. It is a public company with revenue over $23 billion, and its home is in New South Wales. Though it was responsible for developing the casino, Leighton Properties is an international contractor. They have projects going on in New Zealand, Asia and the Middle East. They are responsible for the Gateway Bridge Duplication which is a duplication of a bridge over the Mississippi in the United States. The Gateway Bridge Duplication, also known as Sir Leo Hielscher Bridge, is located in Queensland.

The Star Casino: Its Facilities and Conclusion

Within the Star Casino are two gambling floors. There is a main floor for general admission and gambling activity. Then, there is an elite floor where the bets are much higher. The elite floor is called The Sovereign Room and it has a middle chamber with even higher betting called the Inner Sanctum.

Sydney's Star Casino is 17 floors of suites, game rooms, restaurants and bars. Tabcorp founded it in 1995, and the Star remains the second largest casino in Australia. It is the reason that the town of Pyrmont is still economically stable, providing jobs and revenue for the community.

The star casino is managed by the Echo Entertainment Group, which controls the interest of both companies. In total, the casino is made of over 350 rooms, around 150 suites, 12 restaurants and eight bars. It entertains many locals and tourists of all types.

The developer of the tremendous Sydney Star Casino is Leighton Properties. They are responsible for many other fantastic buildings, bridges and architecture achievements.