casinos in Victoria australia

Casinos in Victoria Australia

Since the 1800s, the main gambling activity in Victoria and most of Australia was horse racing,  and soon after, players start to divert their attention more to other games of luck such as lotteries as well as Asian games. In the 1920s, gaming machines started to spread across the Australian lands, and with them, legal battles have occurred in order to regulate and legalize such machines, which eventually happened, this is why there are many land based casinos in Australia and in Victoria that offer such gaming machines.

With the spread of online gambling around the world, it is expected that such legal battles would occur once again in Victoria and across Australia in order to legalize them. Currently online gambling is prohibited by the IGA of 2001, but the world is witnessing great changes in online gambling laws, so we expect the laws to change very soon. Until that happens, let us see the current situation in Victoria.

Gambling in Victoria – Legal or Not?

Up till now, as a result of the IGA 2001 (Interactive Gambling Act 2001), there are not any online casinos that operate in Victoria and offer its services to Aussies. This is because according to the law, online gambling is prohibited and is considered an offense. On the other hand, it is not illegal for players to enjoy online gambling. This is because the IGA only targets the casinos themselves. This is why players can place bets on any of their favorite pokies and other casino games on any online casino that operates abroad without fear of prosecution. If the laws ever change, the online casinos in Victoria will have to answer to the VCGLR (Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation). This commission controls all sorts of gambling in the Victorian state and this includes land based casinos, and of course, it does not deal with online gambling, because it is prohibited according to the IGA of 2001.

Land Based Gambling Casino in Victoria Australia

There are 3 casinos in Victoria Australia so far. Two of them are considerably small, they are the Miller’s Inn Hotel that is located in Melbourne, and the other one is located in Airport West in Victoria, The Skyways Tavern. Each of these casinos has 100 gaming machines at best. As for the third one, which is the largest casinos in the state, it is located in Melbourne, it is The Crown Entertainment Complex.

Finding a Good Online Casino 

As an Aussie living in Victoria, it is not that hard to find online casinos, this is because there are literally hundreds of off shore casinos that offer their service. The problem is, you will have to go through them to find one that caters to your needs and provides you with the gaming experience that you are looking for. There are many things you will have to consider in an online casino, this includes its software design, its reputation, its selection of pokies and other games and its bonuses.

Land Casinos in Victoria Australia

Crown Casino in Melbourne is classed as having opened in 1994 the main complex of the casino and accompanying hotel and shopping center did not open until 1997. The Crown Casino is the largest in the southern hemisphere and covers an area roughly equivalent to two city blocks, which also makes this one of the world's largest casino's. In 2015, the casino and its accompanying features are all owned by the Crown Holdings group, which was formed in 2007 and is fronted by James Packer who is a member of the famous Australian media family headed by Kerry Packer.  Read on about Crown Casino Melbourne.