Western Australia

Casinos in Western Australia

Casinos in Western Australia

Gambling of all sorts is quite popular in Australia, and especially Western Australia, whether it is horse racing, land based brick and mortar casinos or games of luck like lotteries. In fact Western Australia really has a long history when it comes to gambling. As a website concerned with gambling in the Australian scene, and in Western Australia in specific, we have decided to answer all of the different questions that are usually asked by Aussies in Western Australia, regarding online gambling, land based gambling, the legality of gambling and other questions.

The Legal Situation in Western Australia

Starting with the most important question that might push people away from gambling, the legality of it all. This topic includes online gambling and land based gambling.

Land based gambling in Western Australia

Land based casinos in Western Australia have been legal for many years, whether it be casino gaming machines (pokies), lotteries horse racing or Asian games of luck. These gambling venues are regulated by the RGL of WA (the Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor of Western Australia). The RGL is in charge of verifying the fairness of any gaming machines, provide the casinos with the required licenses and prevent problems that can arise from the gambling activity.

One of the biggest casinos in Western Australia and the entire world is the Crown Perth Casino, which was formally known as the Burswood Entertainment Complex. This casino was established in 1987, and the facility has witnessed great extensions since then. There are also many cruise ships that leave Fremantle for some offshore gambling fun.

Online Gambling and Casinos in Western Australia

The situation of online gambling in Western Australia, like the rest of Australia, is controlled by IGA 2001. This means that online gambling is not properly addressed, but what Aussies in Western Australia need to know is that they can enjoy online gambling anywhere and at any time. Although they will not find any online casinos that operate from the soil of Western Australia, because it is by law, prohibited, but they will find hundreds and even thousands of online casinos that operate off shore that offer amazing pokies and other casinos games, online for Aussies who live in Western Australia. So the real question here should be, where can you play online.

Where is the Best Place to Play Pokies Online

We have spent a lot of time online, not to answer this question, but to provide Aussies with the means and the casino reviews that they need so they can make their decision. These casino

reviews are of some of the best online casinos that offer their internet gaming services in Western Australia. These reviews show players the different pokies that each casino has to offer, its bonus rounds, its reputation, and its security measures. All of this would help players decide which casino fits the bill.

Land Casinos in Western Australia

Crown Perth is not just a hotel and casino. Crown Perth is identified as an entertainment complex that hosts much more than a hotel and some table games. The casino is a large conglomeration of entertainment and housing that people still enjoy for their vacations to this day. Read More: Crown Perth Casino

Western Australia Gambling Regulation: www.rgl.wa.gov.au/