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Wrest Point Hotel Casino

The Wrest Point Hotel was constructed by William Chaffey in 1839. Arthur Drysdale would go on to purchase this and create an international hotel, the Wrest Point Riviera. The Riviera was also a community gathering place, where many work-a-day people were fond of catching up and relaxing, mingling with international visitors attracted to Tasmania's unique geography and beaches. Even at that time, entertainment such as dancing and community events drew large crowds of Tasmanians.

All throughout the WWII period, Wrest Point hotel was an immense success, being later sold and further developed under Australia's Federal Hotels group in 1956. During the 1960s, the Federal Hotels group attempted to obtain a casino license in attempts to attract more tourists. The development of this tourist industry was slated to develop more attractions, diversifying Tasmanian economy. Today, it stands as the center of Tasmania's tourism market, offering entertainment, dining, and events for the local community as well. One thing is for sure, this landmark is part of Hobart history.

Wrest Point was designed by Keith Wildman and built by Arthur Drysdale. The casino was constructed with a seventeen story hotel tower, and a revolving restaurant designed by architect Sir Roy Grounds. It was originally under control of the Federal Group, formed in the 1800s when a group of partners formed the Federal Coffee Palace Company. IN 1924, it was renamed the hotel federal, which would become the center of business operations. A former Federal Group chairman, Greg Farrell, who honeymooned at Wrest Point would also be instrumental in the history of Wrest Point's transformation.

The geographic location of the hotel struck Farrell as propitious to future success. Overlooking the Derwent Estuary with views to Mount Wellington, Farrell was responsible for much of the hotel's original development. The Tasmanian people were also in support of the hotel's development. The hotel would be passed down throughout three generations of the Farrell family, who overlooked many of its developments, continuing to focus on bringing entertainment to the tourist and community populations.

Farrell's contribution to the hotel would be definitive era for the hotel.One of Wrest Point's executives, John Haddad, was specifically charged with securing a casino license, meeting with the Premier of Tasmania and other state officials. Eventually the state referendum was passed. The casino portion of Wrest Point opened in 1973 during which the nation's casino industry was officially started. The Federal Group put Tasmania into a competitive the national stage with a Gala Opening of Wrest Point Hotel and Casino televised across the country.

After Wrest Point became known as West Point Hotel Casino, 12 additional casinos opened across the country after the transformation of Wrest Point Hotel and Casino. The Federal Group casino also opened in Tasmania, along with the Country Club Casino, two of Tasmania's most high profile casinos. Wrest Point's unique story has also contributed to the interior decor. Although the building has been developed in recent years, with construction of a conference center and boardwalk, many of the original fixtures are still in good shape, giving the hotel a classic look in addition to its more modern fixtures.

Today, Wrest Point is still known as the premier place of entertainment and accommodation. Entertainment acts including the Dylan Moran, Keith Urban, and the Presets have all played Wrest Point, and other more international acts are regularly seen here as well. Regular performances by the Tasmania Symphony Orchestra can also been caught at Wrest Point, the venue being considered the orchestra's second home. The casino is also extremely accessible with free parking and all in-house facilities and entertainment venues are located next to casinos. These venues include The Birdcage Bar, The Onyx Bar, The Point Revolving Restaurant, Pier One Restaurant and Bar, and Boardwalk Bar.

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