2001 Gaming Law Ordered For Complete Review By Prime Minister Tony Abbot

An order by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbot went out for a specialized review of the 2001 Interactive Gambling Act by Scott Morrison who is the Social Services Minister. Morrison urges the public and stake holders to please be patient with this process. He stated that they all will have ample opportunity to provide input in this this matter, and he also said that the government does not have any type of preconceived ideas about what will take place in this situation. This review will focus on getting the IGA updated to show the sport's betting's landscape and current technologies involved. Barry O'Farrell will be the man in charge of leading this important review, and he is the former premier of New South Wales.

There will be stricter guidelines and penalties to be licensed internationally among online operators who send their signals off in the Australian area. A do not serve list is in its way which will be a national self-exclusion register, and it may allow online casino products too. No one knows what will be done with the in-play betting because it is only allowed in person at the moment at a particular outlet for retail betting, or people can accomplish this over the phone. Some advances in technology with gambling online in the form of apps are not attending to abide by these regulations.

Click To Call by William Hill is an example of one of these apps. Politicians may be forced into rewriting this law or they mite ban the law, but there may also be an approval for it. Matt Tripp who is the CEO of CrownBet has stated that people in Australia have already had plenty of access to in-play betting because there are so many illegal websites that are providing this. It has been said that there are close to 2,500 of these sites that are illegal all around the world. Mr. Tripp has been putting a huge amount of pressure on the government to protect the consumers out here and to appropriately tax it.

There are other gambling opponents such as Nick Xenophon who says that he plans to submit his own proposal with changes he thinks would be appropriate to the IGA. He wants a ban on the advertising of gambling at sport's events and things of that sort. Online betting firms have already established deals with Australian sport leagues that are racking in millions and is one of the largest advertising categories on NRL and AFL broadcasts. This review is expected to be completed by the end of the year.