2016 Rio Olympics Preview

2016 Olympic PreviewCoordination-Commission of IOC: Rio de Janeiro to Host Games Underway

There have been countless mass developments happening after Rio has been granted to be the host city for the 2016 Olympic Games. The whole world has been in anticipation for the opening day. However, there are several steps that must be taken prior to this. Issues such as safety, traffic and athletic preliminary test have been taken into serious consideration. The International-Olympic–Committee has a diligent coordination commission that have made several visits to the city. The observations that have been made revealed that all plans are going smoothly thus far.

Inspection 2016 Rio Olympics

The visitation of the CC (Coordination – Commission) to Rio de Janeiro to physically see that the plans that have been proposed by the city, have been a positive experience. Although there is much work to do and an only a few more months to complete every project, Rio has shown to be a city that will be a brilliant host.

Visitations that have been made did include ensuring that preparations are still swiftly being constructed. Many of the sights that were seen by the commission were not finished and are in the development stages. Many primary test games in Rio have productively been arranged and have been proven to be a success.

Before a city has been chosen to become the host of the Olympic Games, a detailed proposal is delivered to the proper hands within the IOC’s organization. Rio is the host for the 2016 games and the plans that have previously been made will be complete soon. Although, there is much more ground to cover and buildings to be constructed, the Coordination – Commission have made their visitation rounds.

The opening ceremony of times past is an opportunity for the host of the games, to show their culture to the world. Moreover, there are billions of spectators around the globe that will be watching or at least staying abreast of the 2016 games. With this in mind, the Rio, the International Olympic Committee and the IOC’s coordination-commission is tightly collaborating to make certain every day of the games will be a success.

2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games – 500 Day Countdown

The time is almost here for the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games to take place. Many fans are excited and thrilled to see how all the competitors will do in each sporting event taking place. Rio's website has launched a 500 days to go countdown page which will allow fans to start planning ahead to ensure they don't miss their favorite sporting events.

The Rio de Janeiro Olympics is set to begin August 5th 2016 with the expected closing ceremony set for August 21st 2016. A detailed schedule will be available online to show fans which sports will be taking place as well as publish the day and time that each event is expected to take place. The 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games will officially begin with the Opening Ceremony at the Maracanã Stadium. There will be twenty sporting events schedule to begin that day on August 6th, but over the course of the next 16 days there will be 28 different sports events holding competitions.

March 31st will be the first day that the full detailed schedule will be published so fans can view specific dates and times for their favorite sport competition. March 31st will also be the first day Brazilian residents will be able to purchase tickets to the Olympic Games. Anyone interested in buying tickets from outside of Brazil must visit the website http://www.rio2016.com/ for more information.

Another exciting release relating to the Rio Olympics is the first Rio 2016 commemorative postal stamps. These commemorative stamps feature 10 different designs which represent nine of the Olympic sports. The sports being showcased on the stamps are: aquatics, archery, badminton, basketball, cycling, rowing, rugby, weightlifting and wrestling, as well as Paralympic athletics. The complete collection will include 31 different designs which will reflect that Rio 2016 will be the Games of the XXXI Olympiad. The designs show athletes from each sport in motion and the background is formed by Rio 2016’s “Look of the Games.”

Rio de Janeiro had some tough competition when it came to other cities in the running to host the 2016 Olympics. In the end this fabulous city beat out Chicago, Tokyo and Madrid. Many fans are sure to pack the arenas and be glued to their television sets as the Olympics take over this wonderful city of excitement.

Rio Site for Top Olympic Qualifiers

Brazil was the stunning backdrop for Olympic qualifying events during the month of August. Copacabana Beach featured the Triathlon ITU World Olympic event won by Javier Gomez Noya (ESP), ensuring him a place at the table at next year's Olympic Games in Rio. Vincent Luis (FRA) finished a strong second. Luis's effort punched his ticket to compete for the gold next year and Richard Murray (RSA) took the bronze as South Africa's entrant into the Games. Alistair Brownlee (GBR) faltered toward the end and finished 10th. Brownlee was the reigning Olympic champion.

On the women’s side, always-strong Gwen Jorgensen (USA) laid claim to her 12th straight victory and will once again represent the United States in Rio. The silver and bronze were won by Brits Non Stanford and Vicky Holland, respectively. They will have to wait to see if they will be competing in Rio next summer as Great Britain requires both of them to be victorious in the World Championships later this year.

The 2015 World Rowing Junior Championships, were held at the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon from August 5-8. The event served as a test event for the 2016 Olympic rowing competition.

The Germans were absolutely dominant, placing in all 13 events. They won 11 medals, including 5 golds. The women’s double sculls featured Annemieke Schanze and Frieda Hammerling as well as two-time junior world champion Romanians Elena Logofatu and Nicoleta Pascanu. The Germans also bested the Romanians in the men's pairs. Olaf Roggensack and Rene Schmela defeated Constantin-Crist Hirgau and Alexandru Chioseau in a thrilling race to the finish. Italy won five medals, while The Netherlands took a respectable third.

The Aquece Rio International Horse Trials, an Olympic test event, were held August 5-9 at Rio’s Deodoro Olympic Equestrian Centre. The trials were the exclusive property of the host country. Marcio Jorge (BRA) and his beautiful horse Coronel MCJ ran away from the competition and solidified them as Brazil's best chance to bring home gold at the 2016 Games. Fellow countrymen Marcio Appel, atop Cross Rock, and Marcelo Tosi (Glenfly), joined Jorge as medalist.
The 2016 Olympic Games are sure to solidify Brazil as a top sporting countries in the world.

Round Two for Olympic Gold Medal Champion and New Mom: Jessica Ennis-Hill

The Olympics always creates heroes. Elite athletes whose performances inspire feelings of national pride. These athletes become the darlings of their countries. Jessica Ennis-Hill, who competed in 2012, became one of those darlings. Many fans from Great Britain fell in love with her. The media bestowed a lot of attention on Jessica leading up to 2012. Her name became synonymous with the London games. It probably didn’t hurt that she is intelligent, articulate, beautiful, and appealing in a wholesome way. Add to the mix, a dazzling smile, the grace of a gazelle, and the heart of a lion, and one can easily understand the affection heaped upon this homegrown Heptathlete.

The Heptathlon consists of seven events that test the athlete’s speed, strength, and endurance. The events are: 100m hurdles, 200m, 800m, high jump, long jump, shotput, and javelin. Points from all seven events are tallied, and the highest total wins. Jessica proved that she should not be mistaken for just another pretty face. She finished way in front (306 points) of her closest competitor, turned in performances that represented her best scores ever, and took home the gold. The question now on the minds of her fans; can she repeat in 2016.

Although the years since her gold medal win have seen some changes in her life, make no mistake, Jessica Ennis-Hill is defending her championship in Rio. The most important change; Jessica has become a mother. Like most new parents, she loves being a mother, and joyfully embraces the changes that have occurred. Jessica also says she feels more relaxed in general about 2016. Her current preference is mentally switching off track concerns before returning home to take care of her son. Another important difference; this time she is more familiar and comfortable with the experience. She knows what to expect. Lastly, since the media attention is not as hectic as the last time, the demands on her schedule won’t be as heavy. This should ease the pressure and help Jessica focus on her performance. All things considered, it would probably be unwise to bet against Jessica Ennis-Hill.

Bicycle Road Course Test Events Will Showcase Rio de Janeiro Beauty

Olympic athletes will have the opportunity to race on the actual Olympic course before the Rio 2016 competition. The bicycle course will showcase beautiful sights in one of the world’s most picturesque cities. On Sunday, August 16, the road bicycling test event in Rio is expected to be one of the best so far.

The race, dubbed the Aquece Rio International Road Cycling Challenge, is the seventh test event for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. Events already tested include two sailing events, volleyball, triathlon, rowing, and equestrian. This test race is also considered part of the International Cycling Union (UCI) America Tour. The race is scheduled to start in Copacabana 8:30am and is scheduled to end about four hours later. The race course runs along São Conrado beach, it will pass through several areas including Barra, Ipanema, Leblon, São Conrado, Horto, and Gávea. The general public is invited to cheer on the racers as they compete. The course covers almost 165 km. The terrain is challenging due to some cobblestoned streets and steep inclines and declines.

The Aquece Rio International Road Cycling Challenge includes participants from 15 countries. Each country represented is only able to offer a maximum of five. There will be 11 judges and a staff of approximately 500 volunteers helping from start to finish. This is the only chance for cyclists participating in the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games to test out the course in its entirety. The course will not be made available again by Brazilian authorities until the Olympic Games begin next year.

Some strong cyclists from the UCI will be represented in the race field. Some of the most famous cyclists in the Aquece Rio International Road Cycling Challenge are Richie Porte, from Australia, and Thibaut Pinot, from France. Richie Port is listed in sixth place and Thibaut Pinot is listed in 13th place in the UCI WorldTour rankings. Other well-known cyclists will also be present from Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and other competitors from France, Australia, and around the world who placed well in the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

Look Out, Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps has become almost a household name. Most people have heard of the American swimmer. A large part of that was due to the incredible success he's enjoyed at Olympics past. He has broken multiple records and won multiple medals when it comes to swimming. He was then in the limelight for a few run-ins with the law. Well, it may pretty soon be move aside Michael Phelps.

There is a new Olympic Swimmer by the name of Chad le Clos and he's got one goal on his mind. He's out to break the world records held by Michael Phelps’s. More specifically, he is tackling Phelps butterfly world records. No big deal, right?

Chad Le Clos is from South Africa. He's been training hard and right now he is in literally the best shape of his life. That's why there's no better time than the upcoming Olympics to take down those records. He recently posted impressive times when it comes to the 100m and 200m butterfly at the United States championships. Le Clos has also previously won gold at the London 2012 Olympic Games. He understands just how difficult it will be but he feels that he's ready. He does have a little bit more work to do. Le Clos realizes that he's got to work on his front end just a little bit more. That will help him during the second half of the race.

Perhaps, equally important to strength is mentality. Le Clos surely has the mentality for it. He understands that Phelps isn't his only competitor and he will be keeping an eye out for the others. Le Clos also says that these games are the most important of his life. That's what makes him so determined to really give it his all in these upcoming games. He also has the support. Swimming is huge in the nation he comes from. Therefore, he's got all of them cheering him on and giving him hope that he can do it! His nation and the rest of the world will be anxiously watching these games in less than a year.

21 Places are Dedicated by the European Shooting Championship at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
The Olympic Games are one of the most watched, and rigorous sporting events in the world. The Olympic Games includes many sports categories for both men and women from all countries around the world to compete. One of these games is the European Shooting Championship that was held in Rio. Men and women all over the world have trained very hard all year long for the Shooting Championship, and at the 2016 Olympic Games held in Rio 21 places were decided. Among these places Germany has been won a place among the 21 places by Germany native Christine Wenzel.

These places were decided by the ISSF AKA International Shooting Sport Federation. The ISSF has now made it official that at the 2016 Olympics at Rio there were 21 places won. The European Shooting Championship taking place in Maribor, Slovenia have resulted in 21 places being won by many countries. There were four countries to win places in two berths; and those countries were Russia, Germany, Hungary, and Ukraine. However, the remaining 13 countries that competed won a place in at least one berth. Taking home a place, and pride to their country.

In the women’s division, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Georgia, and Slovenia have secured a place in the European Shooting Championship. These places were won in 25m pistol, trap, skeet, and 50m rifle 3 positions.

In the men’s division Russia, Hungary, Ukraine, Greece, France, San Marino, and Serbia have won places in the European Shooting Championship. The places were won in the categories trap, skeet, 50m pistol, 50m rifle prone, 25m rapid fire pistol, and 50m rifle 3 positions.

This year Olympics are truly going to be amazing, and will showcase many countries sending out their best athletes in all categories to win it for their country! The European Shooting Championship was no different, and many countries have taken home places in this competition. Each country placing in at least one berth, and taking home pride to their country. The amount of competitiveness, and hard work in this year Olympic Games is immense showing that the athletes in all categories are giving it their all!

Anticipation Over The Olympic Torch Relay

It's officially one year until the Olympic Games are set to begin in Rio de Janeiro. Of course thousands upon thousands of people look forward to this. Some watch for the sports whether it's the swimming, cycling, gymnastics, or a variety of others. Some watch to cheer loudly and proudly for their country. Then there are those who look forward to something else entirely. There are those who think that the Olympic Torch Relay is the best part. Exciting news for those people, the dates for it were announced today!

April 21st 2016 is when it all begins! That's mainly for those who live in Greece, however. The Olympic Torch Relay of course will be starting in Olympia. That's because Greece is the birthplace of the Olympic Games and it's only fitting to keep up with the tradition by starting it there. After a tour around Greece, the torch will be handed over to the Olympic organizers on April 27th.

For everyone else, they can look forward to seeing the Olympic Torch Relay starting on May 3rd. That's when it kicks off in the capital city of Brazil. Then it starts on a 95 day tour around the country. The torch goes on quite the tour which includes 83 cities. Typically, the bigger cities are the ones that the torch visits. This includes 26 state capitals this year where a large crowd is sure to come out! One of the coolest aspects is that the relay will reach about 90% of Brazil's population. It's a cool way to get them involved. After all, it will be a big year for them! They are the ones hosting this huge and great event.

Aside from Brazil, everyone actually gets a change to involve. People line the streets in each city to catch a glimpse of the historical torch being carried through! Next year, roughly 12,000 torch bearers will be carrying the torch through these cities. Each individual carries it for 200 meters before passing it along to the next person.

August 5th is when this all comes to an end. That's when the torch makes it back to its final resting place which is the Olympic cauldron. It will be lit with the torch during the Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony.

IOC President Arrives in Rio For One Year Countdown

The President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, recently landed in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro to attend the one year to go party for the international Olympic Games which will be held in Rio in 2016. The Olympics come on the heels of the international world cup which was also held in Rio de Janeiro and the city is truly entering into its own as a city.

Upon Arrival Thomas Bach met a group of young Brazilian Olympians and other assorted sportsmen and women. They enjoyed the tropical sun while playing volleyball and rugby as well as football on the beautiful Atlantic beaches of Rio. Rugby is important because it will finally become an Olympic sport in 2016.

Also on the discussion board was how much the city of Rio has progressed in the past few years. The recent World Cup and Olympic events have highlighted how much the city has grown and how much time it will take for it to be a truly world class city. President Bach also spoke about his past career in sports along with the rest of the delegates and also the kind of positive impacts that the games will have in Rio.

In a speech that occurred directly after the group met the president mentioned how this celebration was an amazing beginning to better things to come. He remarked on the global cooperation it takes in order to hold such games and spoke about the grit and the determination that many of the athletes had. He commented on how long the flight to Rio is but that it was very worth it considering the company that he came along with. Also mentioned in his remarks were the massive contributions that world sport is giving to the people of Brazil through holding the games at such an auspicious location.

All things considered, having the International Olympic Committee president come to Rio de Janeiro is a huge step forward. Not only will the ears and eyes of the world be focused directly on Rio- they will be focused for a very positive event.

Rio de Janeiro Hosts Invitation Ceremony For 2016 Olympics

With one year to go before the opening of the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has officially invited the world's athletes to participate in the games.

Rio de Janeiro will host the Thirty-First Summer Olympic Games from August 5, 2016 to August 21, 2016. The IOC selected Rio as the host for the 2016 games on October 9, 2009. The selection marked the first time a South American country has hosted the games and only the second time a Latin American country has hosted the games (after Mexico City in 1968). Rio de Janeiro beat out finalists Madrid, Chicago and Tokyo for the honor of hosting the games.

The invitation ceremony was presided over by IOC President Thomas Bach and took place among a host of Brazilian and international dignitaries at the Cidades das Artes. At the ceremony, Bach presented symbolic invitations to representatives from the National Olympic Committees of Greece, Russia, South Korea, Japan, China and Brazil. As the originator of the Olympic Games, Greece always participates in the invitation ceremony. The other countries represent the prior and current host cities.

Bach spoke about the infrastructure improvements that Rio de Janeiro will see as a result of preparation for the games. Brazil is constructing several new athletic venues that will be available for public recreation after the games have concluded. In addition, Brazil is heavily investing in public transportation. In 2009, when Rio was announced as host, only 16 percent of Rio residents had access to reliable public transport. By the time the Olympics starts, that number will increase to 63%.

The ceremony also featured a dose of Rio's famous carnival culture. Samba musicians such as Roberta Sá, Diogo Nogueira and Zeca Pagodinho all performed at the event. Rio hosts one of the most prominent carnivals in February of each year. Olympic goers can expect a similar festive atmosphere permeating the games.

Some observers have expressed concern that Rio's hosting of the Olympics in 2016 will be financially taxing on both the city and the nation of Brazil as a whole. At the ceremony, however, both Brazilian and IOC officials expressed confidence that Rio de Janeiro is up to the task to host the world's most prestigious athletic event.

Aquece Regatta Headlines Test Events For Rio 2016

As the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro approach, the city is hosting several testing events to ensure the games run smoothly. This week Rio is hosting the Aquece Rio International Sailing Regatta 2015 to be held in Marina da Glória.

Olympic cities will host test events in the years preceding the games to ensure that the Olympics run smoothly. Sailing typically holds at least two test events prior to the Olympics to work out any complications that the elements may pose. Marina da Glória hosted its first event in 2014. Over the past two years, the organizers of the games have monitored these events to improve the sailors' experience at Rio 2016.

This year’s regatta will feature 345 athletes from 52 countries. The participants include 30 former Olympic medal winners, including local Brazilian Robert Schedit, who has won two gold medals as a Laser sailor. Australian sailors Mathew Belcher and Will Ryan, who won gold at London 2012 and won last year's event, will also appear.

The organizers will use the second Regatta to evaluate more facets of the competition. Last year's event evaluated the competition and its management. This year will also evaluate drug testing, the results system and the work of 121 technical officials from Brazil. This year the organizers will evaluate six competition sites, up from five the year before. Of particular concern is monitoring the cleanliness of the waters for the event. As an urban harbor Rio's waters have suffered from serious pollution in the past. The organizers are using the test events to ensure that the waters are clean and safe for the athletes.

Although the test events evaluate the course and conditions, they are also a serious competition on the international circuit. Test events preview favorites to win medals at the games. For example, the Australian team of Nathan Outteridge and Iain Jensen won the 49er class test event in 2011 before going on to win gold at London 2012 in the same event.

The regatta marks the fifth test event this year. Previously events have been held in volleyball, triathlon, rowing and equestrian. Also taking place this week are road cycling and marathon swimming.

Rio 2016 Venue Construction Projects Enter The Home Stretch

Since being chosen to host the 2016 games, the Rio 2016 Olympic Committee has been working non-stop since 2007 to make sure they are ready to host the world-wide event.

Rio's city government made a statement that the expansion and building works related to the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic Games is running on schedule and is coming down to the final touches. It is less than a year to go before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are set to begin. Officials are confident that all the newly constructed facilities will be in perfect order when the athletes and spectators come to Rio de Janiero in early August 2016.

The majority of the work to be done is located in Barra Olympic Park. Construction in this area is more than 80% completed. Six completely new arenas were built in preparation for the Rio 2016 Games, and several others had to be expanded or renovated. Some of the venues still being worked on in Barra Olympic Park include the Olympic Tennis Centre, Carioca Arenas 1, 2, and 3, the Future Arena, and the Rio Olympic Velodrome. These arenas are anticipated to be completed by the end of 2015. Another arena still being constructed is the Olympic Aquatics Stadium which is estimated to be completed at the beginning of 2016.

Construction is also moving along well on the X-Park venues in Deodoro Olympic Park. Estimates show construction here is nearly more than 75% completed. The Whitewater Stadium is expected to be finished at the beginning of 2016. Construction on the Mountain Bike Centre will be completed toward the end of 2015. Additional work is still required for the Olympic Golf Course, located near Olympic Park. The Olympic Golf Course is about 98% finished. The Olympic Committee expects work here to be completed in plenty of time for the November trial golf event.

Rio Opens A New Olympic Equestrian Centre

Rio de Janeiro has been preparing to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games since they were chosen to host in October 2009. Hosting an event as large as the Olympics takes massive amounts of coordination between many departments. Rio has been progressing quickly toward their goal of completing preparations ahead of schedule. Most recently, in July 2015, Rio announced their newly expanded Olympic equestrian centre, which will host all the Rio 2016 equestrian competitions, is now open.

The new equestrian center, which was constructed for the 2007 Pan-American Games, is prepared to play host to the Aquece Rio International Horse Trials as its first public event. The Aquece Rio International Horse Trials from August 6 to August 9, 2015. After the previous four competitions, including sailing, volleyball, triathlon and rowing, this equestrian trial will be the fifth Rio 2016 test event. The purpose of these pre-Olympic trials is to test out various operations planned for the actual Olympic Games in 2016 and will serve to test a wide range of elements to be sure they are ready to work cohesively to present a world class event in 2016. Some of the key factors that will be scrutinized at these equestrian trials are the quality of the field of play, accreditation, and time-keeping technology.

At this time, over one hundred paid staff and five hundred volunteers from forty departments from the Rio 2016 Organizing Committee will work on the Aquece Rio International Horse Trials. The competition will be limited to 1,200 guests from foreign nations, specially invited by the committee. There will be 13 riders competing.

Alex Titan, the equestrian competition manager for the 2016 Olympic Games, indicated that the foreign countries that will be attending the test event are very important to the success of the test. The feedback from the participants will be taken into account in order to be sure the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are a true success. Mr. Titan also expects the competitors in the race will take back valuable insight and experience to share with other athletes from their home country who could not make the trip for the test event.

Olympic Torch Relay For Rio 2016 To Start On May 3

On Wednesday, August 5, The Rio 2016 Olympic Committee made the announcement to confirm the first dates of the route of the 83 Brazilian cities where the torch will pass through.

Carlos Nuzman, the president of the Rio 2016 Organising Committee, announced at a press conference that the torch will be lit on April 21, 2016 in Olympia, Greece, in accordance with the ancient tradition of the Olympic Games.

The torch will take a brief tour of Greece, after which the torch will be given to Brazilian authorities on April 27. The Rio 2016 Olympic Torch Relay will start on the ground in Brazil. The procession begins in Brasília on May 3, 2016. The Torch Relay will span 95 days, at the end of which the Rio 2016 authorities will commence the lighting of the Olympic fire in its place of prominence outside Maracanã Stadium. This event is planned to mark the Olympic Games beginning on August 5, 2016.

Of the total 83 cities in the torch tour, they include the 26 state capitals and the Federal District, which is where the torch will spend the night on most evenings.

The relay is much more than just the carrying of the actual torch. The relay takes an entire caravan of cars and are scheduled to go through about 500 cities. Many other locations will be able to view the convoy or at least see the light of the torch. The finalized relay schedule is estimated to be announced in the start of 2016.

The torch's path was designed to reach the most people possible within the allotted time for the relay. The Rio 2016 authorities believe the relay path will allow the procession to reach 90% of Brazilian citizens.

In total, there will be approximately 12,000 people carrying the torch. Each torch barer will take the torch roughly 200 metres before passing to the next barer. The relay will cover approximately 20,000km, not including the 10,000 miles the torch must travel by air through difficult terrain and over oceans or bodies of water. The entire path must be traversed without the torch flame being extinguished.