5 Star Casino Upgrade

Online gambling is great fun. However, there is something that is quite magical, thrilling, and exciting, about walking into an elegantly styled casino with 5 star accommodations to enjoy. Obviously, the Canberra Casino owner is well aware of this important fact. Aquis Entertainment has decided to perform a well needed 330 million dollar upgrade to the Casino. The upgrade should affect just about every corner of the Casino, which includes the casino floors to the retail shops. The Casino owners believe that those changes should attract an even larger crowd to the Canberra Casino. Only time will tell if this bet was a winner.

5 Star Casino

Certainly, people enjoy gambling, dining, and enjoying all the amenities at a 5 star establishment. The owners of the Canberra are working diligently to add this distinction to the Australian casino. In fact, the idea is to turn the casino into a world class operation that receives high grades and easily attracts a full house of eager gamblers. Guest love luxurious settings and enjoying a well stocked VIP room. Therefore, the casino has decided to invest money in an upgrade that should create a great return on investment for the establishment. Other upgrades include creating 5 star room accommodations, an elegant villa, a high end shopping mall, restaurants, and bar.

The Aquis Entertainment Director

Aquis Entertainments Director, Justin Fung, is certainly very proud that his organization acquired the Casino. The executive spotted excellent potential, waiting for just the right buyer. However, many of the hottest gambling casinos were also much larger and offered more gambling options than the Canberra Casino. Furthermore,
they provided numerous amenities that were not presently provided by the Canberra. In order to stay competitive, the Casino must work diligently to make their operation more attractive. In other words, give the people what they want in fine dining, luxury, shopping, accommodations, and gambling.

Future Possibilities

According to Fung, the Canberra Casino is an excellent acquisition. The future possibilities are endless. Formally, the casino depended on the local traffic to fill the casino and keep it going strong. Certainly, attracting a large clientele would lead to more profits and success for the Canberra. Fung saw a potential goldmine in the little casino. He started making big plans. His theory was that the upgrade to the casino should attract tourist and travelers from across the globe. Furthermore, the Canberra hopes to offer their clientele a long list of gambling options. Those options are under consideration presently.