ACT Greens Aims to Implement $1 Max Wagers on Pokies in Canberra

The Aussie ACT Greens group is now working on a new program that it calls “Community First”. This new program aims to support putting the future of the Aussie individuals before the pokies developers, and the big businesses. The initiative has many ideas, but one of them is to have all wagers on pokie machines maxed at one dollar for each spin of the reels in Canberra. That is not all, as the ACT Greens Group is also aiming to push for making a pre commitment for betting mandatory. This means that the pokie players will decide how much they are willing to lose on the pokies even before they start spinning the reels.

The leader of the ACT Greens group, Shane Rattenbury, stated that the government has spent a lot of time just tinkering around the issue. He also added that there is a problem and that it has to be dealt with. This is why they have suggested the new problem that aims to help with ACT’s problem gambling issues.

Six years ago in 2010, an inquiry was carried out by the National Productivity Commission. This inquiry recommended $1 to be the max bet on pokies, as well as the implementation of a mandatory wagering pre-commitment. In the existing situation, the wagers on pokies are capped at $10 for each spin, which is 10x times the proposed cap by ACT Greens.

Shane Rattenbury has also stated that their support of pokies depends on these 2 conditions. Now, the ACT Greens group is aiming to see these provisions being implemented on, which would cover almost 5000 pokie machines. It is expected that the Labor Party will not be on the same page with the requests of Shane Rattenbury because of what will happen to the clubs in Canberra, which includes the Party’s own club group.

When Shane Rattenbury was asked on how the group reviews gambling, and if it is a threshold issue, he replied that the party does not rank policies, but pokiesare not considered to be a key issue. The party is planning to use any influence they can get in order to get an outcome that they feel is beneficial for the community. On top of these provisions, the group wants to see one third of the pokies removed entirely from circulation within 10 years.

The ACT has the biggest ratio of pokies in the entire country, according to Michael Mazengrab’s released figures. The ACT currently offers 16.5 pokie machines for each 1,000 adult. Ideally, the Greens group would like the ratio to reach 10 machines for 1000 adults, which is going to bring down the ratio to the national average.