Adelaide Bite Australian Baseball History and Ready for Their Best Year Yet

While experts are not one hundred percent certain about the geographic origins of the game that we know as baseball everyone can agree that the game caught on strongest at one point in history in the United States.

The North American country has yielded many of the game’s greats like Babe Ruth, Jackie Robinson, Hank Aaron and Lou Gehrig. Baseball was so prominent in the national culture of the United States at one point that it earned the moniker of being “America’s pastime.” While other games like American football have arguably usurped the place that baseball once held in America’s popular culture there are countries around the world that have developed their own indigenous baseball cultures and thriving baseball scenes.

For instance some of the greatest names in baseball have not hailed from the United States originally but from the East Asian nation of Japan in baseball player Ichiro Suzuki’s case and from the Dominican Republic in the case of Sammy Sosa and David Ortiz.

Australia also has its own thriving baseball community. Some posit that the sport made its way from the United States to the Australian continent during the 19th century. During this time Australia was flush with opportunities for people to get involved in its flourishing gold rush.

Supposedly the Americans who had come to the continent to seek their fortunes in the gold rush brought the game with them and played it during their days off. In more modern times Australia has produced baseball talent like Warwick Saupold of the Detroit Tigers and Rich Thompson of the Los Angeles Angels in the American Major Baseball League. Australia has also cultivated its own homegrown talent some of which can be found in the Australian Baseball League team known as the Adelaide Bite.

As baseball season gears up in Australia in 2017 the Adelaide Bite are slated to play against Brisbane. The game between Adelaide and Brisbane will take place on Adelaide’s home turf, according to reports. The Adelaide Bite’s manager Steve Mintz was given the choice of selecting the location of the first game. He chose to have the game take place at home for a number of reasons including logistical ones.

As many baseball fans know the pace of the traveling schedule for baseball players can be particularly rough. The team’s manager told a newspaper that he wanted his players to have the chance to rest at home before embarking on the sort of multi-leg journeys that are required for away games.

The Adelaide Bite had the chance to open the first month of the new year with a victory. They played against Sydney in West Beach and beat them three to one. During the last season the Bite did fairly well with a tally of ten wins to two losses. Hopefully they will be able to continue to give a strong showing in the games that are ahead of them this season.