Allegations of Corruption hits the sport of Tennis Again

The match fixing activity in the sport of tennis that is threatening to destroy the sport has took another turn. This was a result of the report by the UK Guardian newspaper which revealed that there are several tennis umpires that were kicked out secretly out of the sports after allegations of taking bribes from criminal syndicates who manipulate the odds. This included umpires from the Ukraine and Turkey among others who were banned from the sports as a result of illegally manipulating the tennis match scores at international matches during the professional tour. Even though the newspaper has launched an investigation that could tear the sport of tennis apart, the IFT (International Tennis Federation), has kept such suspensions quite. Two of these umpires were banned for life, and four of them are being investigated.

These allegations were focused on the games that were played during the Future Tour, which is considered to be one of the low ranked tennis tours. The Umpires who were banned were accused of communicating important information about the matches that they were a part of to gamblers from around the world. It was even alleged that these umpires have texted these criminal syndicates as the matches were underway.

The allegations also stated that the umpires waited some vital seconds before they would update the scoreboards. This delay amounted up to sixty seconds which is enough time to give the gamblers a chance to place live wagers on scores that were already leaked to them. The Tennis Integrity Unit, also referred to as the TIU, has been under attack because of its failure to deal with match fixing allegations. However, the TIU came out fighting as it issued a statement with the governing body of the sport.

These allegations came right after the previous allegations that a number of players were approached by match fixing syndicates to throw matched to manipulate the odds. These revelations came out during the Australian Open that took place in Melbourne. These allegations are more than just suspicions as one of the biggest players in the sport, the Champion, Novak Djokovic, stated that he was approached when he was a youngster by a betting syndicate.

It seems that the sport of tennis is in desperate need of soul searching, like it was stated by Phillip Brook, the TIU board head, that it is important that they repair the damage that was done, and quickly. On the other hand, former tennis professional, Goran Ivanisevic stated that the tennis professionals were being treated badly as if they were serial killers, which is an apparent note of caution.

Match fixing is prevalent because of the legality of live in play wagering which allows players to place bets on games that are undergoing as the odds go up and down during the game. This is why critics say that the in-play betting service is quite ripe for corruption and match fixing. This is why the Australian government is still undecided when it comes to online Live betting.