American Roulette

Roulette, a french based casino game named after the term “Little Wheel” has made its way to American casinos and is being played by thousands of players. The basic concept of the game is very simple, a player can either choose to bet on a single number, more than one number, the black or red colors, or if the ball is going to land on an odd or even number.

The casino attendant shoots a wheel around a spinning table that spins the wheel in a circular motion while slowing down slowly and lands on 1 of 36 numbers on the table, or lands on the 0, or the 00 in American Roulette's case. Only the American Roulette comes with a 00 slot which makes the winning odds slightly slimmer.

How To Play American Roulette

Playing Roulette is easy, and it doesn't take long at all for anyone to learn how to play. First, the player must buy some chips and head to an American Roulette table. Up to 8 players may bet at once but everyone is playing against the house and vise versa.

Betting can be done on the colors Black or Red. The winning odds of such a bet would result in a 1 in 1 return which would pay you $10 for a $5 bet on either color.

Betting on odd can also be done simply by putting your chip on either Odd or Even. A player can choose to bet on a color in addition to one of the Odds available. The winning odds of such a bet would result in a 1 in 1 return.

The two simplest forms of betting in Roulette is betting on the Colors or the Odds. Although those two methods are already a lot of fun, players want more challenges out of roulette which is why there is also an intermediate way of betting roulette.

After learning how to bet on colors, a player may choose to bet on a number of the 36 numbers available, or either the 0 or the 00. By choosing a number, the player is betting 1 to 36 winning return. If a player bet $1 on a number and the spinning ball landed on it, the return would be $36 for the player. Each player can choose to bet however amount they want on as many numbers as they want. Many people like to use betting on numbers as a strategy to beat the system, but the odds are as fair as all other aspects of the game if you know how to bet.

Betting right means not spending more money on hard to win bets than the easy ones. Its always good to bet $5 on one of the colors Red or Black, then bet 10 cents on every number of the other color. That way you either make $10 of the winning color and loosing a couple of dollars which will result in about %25 return, or you can win through the numbers and loose the $5 which will give you a much higher return because of 10 cents being timed by 36 which will give you your money back to try again.

Roulette can be learned much better by playing the game and practicing, so long as you know the basic way to play, bet on Black or Red. There is no need whatsoever for anyone to get into roulette wanting to know everything about it. Taking your time with your betting and learning everything you can through visual process will make an expert out of you in the near future.

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