Audi Hamilton Island Race Week Sees Largest Entry Numbers Yet

Prior to the official start of the 2015 Audi Hamilton Island Race Week the harbor was clear and rooms were stacked high with ice, food, and beer. Every single thing looked perfect for the event from manicured gardens and shining polished champagne glasses. People were waiting anxiously on standby lists that were created from other standby lists hoping desperately to get a ticket to one of the most sought after luxury events of the year. Of course, dozens of Audis were also parked at the marina advertising the grand

Over the week around 2,000 sailors along with their lucky family and friends will sail through the marina and out towards the sea on a leisurely race where the finish line was not all that important. The Audi Hamilton Island Race Week is truly an event where the journey matters much more than the destination. Also on board were plenty of lifestyle and sailing media members along with plenty of sponsors and VIP guests. This is the 32nd year of the event and the 10th year that Audi has collaborated with the Race Week as their official regatta sponsor.

There were 202 race entries for the event from every territory and state in Australia as well as a few international racers. The boats were a mixture of large, small, new an old. Some were crewed by professionals while their guests relaxed whereas others were crewed by families. Skippers’ had all levels of experience ranging from as young as 15 up to the ripe age of 90. Every morning of the week, all 202 racers will show up and scatter as each takes its spot at its designated started line. They will then coast along if they are members of the cruising division. Others that are much more involved in the IRC series will be more focused on finishing at a fastest pace.

CEO of the Island Regatta stated that this is the largest IRC fleet they have had in the last decade or so and they are happy to see the growth in it and other classes. The tradewinds are also present for the week which ought to make things much more interesting with some great sailing waters.