Aussie Government to Close Live Sports Betting Loophole

The Federal government of Australia has made a very important announcement as it stated that it is planning to close the legal loophole that online bookmakers are taking advantage of, in order to enable their players to place live sports bets online. According to the law, it was legal for bookmakers to receive live in play sports bets over the phone. On the other hand, there are many online bookmakers that have found a loop hole to get around the legality of this issue by creating phone apps that allow players to place “phone” live sports bets.

These apps have a function that is called Click To Call, that gives players the chance to utilize an automatic call that is made within the application to allow bets. Players can place bets within seconds on game that are happening live.

The Australian government stated that it plans to legislate to ban those “Click to Call” type of applications, but until the legislation is passed, Alan Tudge, the Minister of Human Services is expecting that all companies that are currently using such apps to stop such practice immediately.

According to his statement, he said that he hopes that all of the bookmakers and companies to cease using such apps because as the Aussie government believes, that these apps are operating against the intent of the law, even if it is not breaking the actual law. He added that the online environment bares a lot of risks as it comes with a lot of potential for people to get into pretty serious trouble. Independent Senator, who is known for being an Anti Gambling personnel, Nick Xenophon, stated that it is concerning that the Aussie government is not committing to create a permanent ban on in play betting, adding that there is a pretty obvious link between gambling addiction and in play wagering.

The AWC (Australian Wagering Council), which represents many online book makers and sports betting companies, stated that the operators that are located offshore are going to be delighted with such ban, as they do not care about the Aussie laws. Regrettably, the Aussie government is deciding to maintain this archaic prohibition that will only affect the local companies, and not the offshore ones. So simply put, the effect of attempting the ban on Click To call technology and apps and maintaining a prohibition on in play online sports betting, will only result in ensuring that more Australian players will revert to illegal offshore based operators to get their live betting fix.

The government is going to tackle the problem in different fronts, which includes working closely with credit card providers and banks in order to find ways to block players from making payments to offshore wagering companies.