Aussie News Update – New Pokie Limit and James Packer Becomes Crown’s Director

Pokie machines in SA (South Australia) now have a maximum bet that can be placed by the players on these gaming machines. The previous limit, which was 10 AU$ has been cut down by 50% to reach 5 AU$. For those who are pro pokies will find that this is a big cut to the pokie betting limit. On the other hand, for those who are against the games, this decrease in the wagering limit will not be enough.

Pokies is the term that the Aussie players use in order to refer to the different video gaming machines that are spread across Australia. According to the media, any machines that will not comply with the new cut in the wagering limit will be shut down. It is expected that more than five-hundred pokie machines will be shut down by the Aussie government of South Australia for not complying by this cut down.

The Reason behind the Cut down in the Pokie Limit

According to Zoe Bettison, the Minister of communities, this cut down is due to the great increase in problem gambling in Australia. According to the Minister, by decreasing the pokie wagering limit, this is going to help problem gamblers. This is because it will decrease the amount of money that they can lose while placing bets on the pokie machines. The officials who publically speak against pokies think that this decrease is not enough. This is because they are looking forward to decrease the bet limit on pokies to reach 1 AU$. 7 years ago, the 1 AU$ betting limit per spin was proposed by the Productivity Commission as away to reduce the harm that is caused by the pokie machines.

James Packer As Director for Crowns Resorts

Robert Rankin, who was the chairman of Crown Resorts stepped down from the board. This is considered to be a part of the reshuffle that the company is undergoing when it comes to senior leadership. James Packer will return as director, after quitting the position back in December of 2015. John Alexander, the deputy chairman of the company, is going to replace Robert Rankin as director from the 1st of February.

According to Rankin, the next phase of development of the company will be to focus more on its amazing Aussie assets, which are led by John Alexander. Alexander has stated that he aims to continue the focus on the online gaming businesses of the company, and on the high rollers casinos and the 6-star hotel that will be located in Barangaroo.

Alexander also stated that Crown Resorts is one of the biggest entertainment companies in Australia, and it will do its best in order to deliver high end facilities and services to its guests and customers.