Australia Open Ads by William Hill Prompt Crackdown on Wagering Ads

A crackdown on gambling ads during sports is being prompted in Australia. This is because the children during the school holidays who were watching the Australia Open tournament were exposed to multiple gambling ads that belong to William Hill. William Hill is considered to be the 1st official betting partner of the Australia Open. It also has an exclusive ads arrangement deal with Channel 7, the broadcaster of the tournament.

According to data analytics, during the 1st 7 days of the Australian Open tourney, William Hill screened 114 ad spots in NSW. IT didn’t stop there as it aired 77 in the Victorian state, 90 for Queensland, 118 in the SA area and lastly, 116 in Western Australia. This was confirmed by the broadcaster of the tourney, Channel 7. It stated that each fourteen hours of coverage, William Hill had 4 minutes of ad broadcast.

The Government's Reaction towards the Problem

The government of Turnbull is responsible for these broadcasting rules. On the other hand, many senior personals from the government are fed up with these ads, as they are aware of the amount of public anger and their bad effect on the children who are exposed to them. Nonetheless, a spokesman from the government stated that there are no plans to alter this code. Currently, all gambling ads are banned during all G-rated TV programs. The only exception is the sports broadcasts.

The broadcast of the event's odds is restricted to a single announcement for each session, and only in between the matches. William Hill ads did not break that rule as they did not spruik the odds. The Greens have also proposed that the gambling ads should get the same treatment as the tobacco commercials.

The Community's Reaction towards Gambling Ads

For many years, the community's anger has been building up towards gambling ads. More specifically, among the parents who are witnessing the continuous creep of gambling into all big sports. This includes the ads during the sports' broadcasts.

Samantha Thomas, the public health associate professor stated that researches show that the marketing of gambling, in alignment with the sporting events is certainly shaping the attitude of children towards betting. 75% of the children included in the research view gambling as a common and a normal part of sports. She added that surely, the current ads are going to capture the attention of many kids that are watching their favorite sports, especially tennis, during the school holidays.

William Hill stated that the bookmaker has spent over 10 million dollars in promotions and sponsorships. When asked about the impact of these gambling ads, William Hill responded that it complies with all of the requirements and the standards for advertising.