Australian Casino to be Shut Down – Emu Casino

Emu Casino is an online casino that offers Blackjack, slots, roulette and more than 800 casino games to Australian gamblers. This illegal casino might get its local Australian site taken down after the revelation of its registered owner that he didn’t know anything about the casino business. The Emu Group limited has been promoting itself in the Australian market as one of the leading names in the business of online internet gambling venues through an online casino styled gaming experience, which is illegal according to the Australian law. The Emu Group operates three online domain names, and according to its Facebook page, it has more than ten thousands subscribers from Australia.

The Emu Group company has announced on the 4th of March that a man from Perth won 121,500 dollars while spinning the reels of the digital pokies that the website offers. The registered owner of the Australian website is Jeff Muller, who is a hairdresser in the Gold Coast, who stated that he has no connection what so ever with the website’s gambling operation. When he was confronted by the company that is registered under his name, he stated that it is news to him, and that he never knew about it before that moment. He added that he is currently seeking legal help in order to come up with a way to remove his name as the owner from the domain registry. According to the rules that are set by auDA, the domain name regulator of Australia, any websites that are registered through fraudulent ways will be shut down.

About Emu Casino

EmuCasino operates as an international casino operator, and its ultimate holding company is Emu Inc, which is located in Panama, which is a tax haven for online casino operators. The company is registered in Malta, which is yet another jurisdiction that is well known for being a tax haven. Although the structure of EmuCasino is not that unusual in the internet gambling industry, but it stands out of the crowd for law enforcement and regulators because the casino promotes itself as being an Australian Owned casino.

One of the other remarkable aspects of Emu Casino is that it seems to be running customer support centers that are located in Auckland and Sydney. Last year, a Vanuatu-licensed casino had a call center located in Queensland, which was raided by the police and faced charges. This casino was Betjack. The American market used to face the same problem, but its regulators have succeeded in almost wiping out all of the offshore gaming operators by implementing strict legal obligations on any payment services so they do not make it easy for players to fund their accounts at the online casinos that are licensed outside of the country. This is why similar reforms to the existing law are being proposed so the Australian government can control and prevent offshore operators form offering their services to the Australian market.