The Australian Interactive Gambling Act Review Takes another Turn

It seems that the online gaming scene of Australia is always witnessing new twists and turns, as the future of the IGA (Interactive Gambling Act) has taken another unexpected turn following the promotion of MP Alan Tudge who became the minister of Human Services. Before that, Mr Tudge was the Assistant Minister for Social Services, at that time, he was handed the job of handling and reporting the review of the government of the Interactive Gambling Act. Following the promotion, it seems than Alan Tudge is now going to work much closer as he works with Christian Porter, the minister of social Services, who had a great role in reviewing the outdated online gaming legislation of Australia.

What does that mean for the IGA? Barry O’Farrel, the previous NSW Premier seems to have finished the review of the legislation, and the Australian government is not set to respond to that review. On the other hand, with the great interest that offshore gaming operators and in land firms have in this review and its outcome, it seems that no one wants to become responsible for it.

Tony Abbot, the former Prime minister of Australia was under huge pressure from the critics of the industry that witnesses millions of Australian dollars go to offshore gaming operators and wagering sites, while Aussie firms who are located in the country get heavily taxed. This is why he has issued a review of the IGA in 2015. Scott Morrison, Social Services Minister, took on the review job after Tony Abbot got ousted. Commenting on his own promotion, Alan Tudge has announced through his website that he is honored to be appointed to the Prime Minister and to join his team as the Human Services Minister.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding in play betting the country, and weeks earlier, Alan Tudge has stated to the Daily Telegraph that in play betting is not going to make any difference in terms of match fixing in sports, if it gets legalized. This comment hinted that in play wagering on sports might become legal, which will give the Australian in land websites a great advantage on their competitors overseas.

In play betting allows Australian punters to place bets on sporting matches that are still being played. Currently, the IGA only allows such bets to be made through the phone. Overseas sites are abusing this rule by allowing punters to place bets using their computers microphone, hence, making it a “phone” bet.

The Australian federal police have already investigated some of the biggest betting websites offshore because of this move, but with no charges so far. When the IGA review is published and following the reaction of the government, a huge change can come to the Australian gambling scene, which could out right outlaw in play betting, or it can get completely legalized.  This is why the entire industry of online gaming as well as the racing industry are watching keenly, waiting for that review that could change the entire landscape of the online gaming industry in the country.