Australian Land Casino News Update

Canberra Aims to Offer Pokie Machines

The Australian land casino gaming market is full of some of the biggest names in the industry. One of these names is Canberra Casino, which is land based casino in Australia that is owned by a Hong Kong based company that is entitled “Aquis Entertainment”. The company would like to see its gambling venue in Australia offering pokie machines, whether video poker or slot machines. This is why they want the government of the Australian Capital Territory to give the casino the permissions needed in order to offer pokie machines as a part of the redevelopment plan that Aquis Entertainment is planning, which will include spending well over 330 Australian Dollars.

According to recent reports, Aquis Entertainment has filed a proposal that asked the government to allow the gaming venue to host 500 pokies which also stated that a more comprehensive and a full gaming model is certainly going to be more attractive to the Asian tourists. On the other hand, Clubs Australia ‘s Executive Director, Anthony Ball, has opposed the proposal, as he stated that the addition of pokies on the premises is going to attract the local players, instead of high net worth Asian tourists.

Anthony Ball was also quoted that Clubs Australia is overlooking what is happening with pokies in Canberra with a lot of skepticism. He added that the casino is selling the dream that there are a lot of high rollers with big net worth coming from China, Asia, Philippines and Singapore. He also added that he believes that the casino has its eyes on the locals and once the license for pokie machines is given, the new casino will decimate the entire clubs industry in the Australian Capital Territory because there are more than 35 clubs that belong to the group that are located within a close distance to the casino. Lastly, Clubs Australia has stated that as history clearly shows, as soon as casinos begin to offer pokie machines and gambling services, they are going to market the local players before anyone else.

Barangaroo Casino to be Delayed

Regarding other casino news, Barangaroo Casino is the newest project that belongs to Crown Resorts, which is set in Sydney. This new project is expected to offer a VIP only gaming experience and it comes with a 2 billion price tag, which includes a 6-star hotel and a casino venue. This casino was set for an opening in November 2019, but it seems that the venue’s opening could be delayed as a result in a delay in planning, which will result in a delay that can amount up to 12 or even 18 months. This was stated by the CEO of Crown Resorts, Rowen Craigie. Crown Resorts is aiming to gain back all of the time lost due to the delay in the construction, pre opening phase and the remediation of the new project. He added that the planning process is quite complicated, and that the approval for Crown Sydney could be delayed. It will be lodged until the developer, Lend Lease, gives their approval to change the master plan of Barangaroo South.