Australian Players Might Lose Access to Aussie Online Poker

Online poker players from Australia have been worrying nonstop since last November. This is because of the potential that they might lose complete access to their favorite online game, poker, as a result of the amendments that are proposed for the Interactive Gambling Bill of 2016. This new bill is pushed by Alan Tudge, the Minister for Human Services of Australia. This new bill is going to change the entire landscape of the interactive gambling industry of Australia. This is because it would alter the existing laws, and would close all of the loopholes that many gambling operators take advantage of. These loopholes resulted in a grey area that allows many online gaming activities to be present in the Australian market, and this includes online poker.

The Main Goals of the IGA 2016 Amendments

The main goal of the proposed amendments to the IGA was to prevent all types of illegal bets that occur through in play sports wagering. Such activity is considered legal, only if the wagers were placed through a phone call. Sports bettors have found a loophole around it by allowing players to place their in play bet through their smart phones. Therefore, it is technically being made through a phone, thus, getting around the law and its restriction.

Good News for Aussie Online Poker Players in the Horizon

Good news might be in the horizon for the Aussie Online Poker players. This is because there are some proposed amendments to the IGA as well as a 2nd reason of the measure. This will not take place before the 20th of March. Regarding efforts that are being made in order to keep Aussie online poker alive, an advocacy group was formed that is called the AOPA. This stands for the Australian Online Poker Alliance. This group is driven by Joseph Del Duca who is a famous poker player. The Australian legislators were contacted by the new alliance so they can push back against the potential ban on poker that might take place.

The AOPA will not fight alone, as a new ally for the group has emerged. This ally is David Leyonhjelm, the Aussie senator. He belongs to a Liberal Democratic Party. He has introduced an amendment that is going to remove Poker and Blackjack from the new gaming rules. This amendment, which is entitled sheet 8054 adds casino styled blackjack or poker in several areas in the bill at places that recognize the allowed types of internet gaming services.

This newly formed group, the AOPA, as well as the Aussie online poker players have 4 weeks in order to push for support to get enough legislators on their side to prevent poker from being banned according to the new gaming rules of the IGA.