Australian Sailing Team Ready to Compete in the Olympic Test Series

Just one year away from the Olympics the Australian Sailing Team is starting to prepare by getting ready for the Olympic Sailing test. The test will be held in Brazil at Guanabara Bay from August 15th to August 22nd. The queue for the event is quite large with 339 sailors in attendance that hail from 52 different nations. They will all arrive in Rio de Janeiro to take part in the Aquece Rio International Sailing Regatta 2015.

This is the second Test Event for the Olympic sport of sailing and this year will include ten sailors from Australia out of which four won medals at the London 2012 games. This year they will compete against many international competitors in six of the ten classes that are recognized by the Olympics. Many view the results of this Regatta as a dress rehearsal for what will take place at the official Olympic Games.

There are ten boat classes that make up the Olympic sailing program and last year the sailing team from Australia was able to qualify for all but three of the nine that are considered sailing classes. Therefore, they expect to also qualify for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. This is not the final test series however as the selection period for competitors for the Olympics continues until May of 2016.

Racing will begin at 13:00 Rio time on August 15th and will conclude on August 22nd. There will also be Medal Racers in the classes of NArca17 49er, Laser, and 49erFX on August 21st and additional medal races in the Finn and Men’s 470 classes on August 22nd. There will be six race courses in use throughout the week.

The Australian Sailing team will come out strong at the Rio de Janeiro Test event given the fact that six of the boat classes already have sailors that have qualified for the Olympics. These athletes include Jake Filley of the Finn class, Iain Jensen and Nathan Outteridge of the 49er class, Tom Burton of the Laser class, Jaime Ryan and Olivia Price of the 49erFX class, and Will Ryan and Mat Belcher of the 470M class.