The Australian State of Victoria Sets New Laws for Gambling Ads

It seems that the incredible increase and spread of gambling ads in the Aussie state of Victoria over the last 10 years is about to end. This is because the government of the state has issued new laws that would control these ads. For example, all forms of gambling ads on any type of public transportations are now banned. This includes busses, trams and trains.

This legislative move is a response of the always increasing concern of the negative effects that gambling can have on the Victorian youth. This new ban will not only affect gambling ads on transportation, as it also banned Aussie online sportsbook from putting up their ads near areas frequented by children, especially schools. This was a result of a recent study that was carried out by the Deakin University. This study showed that seventy five percent of the youth that are under sixteen years old felt that gambling was a normal aspect of sports.

Marlene Kairouz, the new Gaming and Liquor Regulation’s minister has given her opinion regarding the new plans and laws that would ban gambling ads in specific areas and on transportation. She stated that the government of Victoria was concerned of the normalization of sports gambling, through the spread of the gambling ads. She also added that the government is highly concerned about the impact of all of that on adolescents, children as well as other people who will become vulnerable to the harms of gambling.

For example, the Flinders Street and Southern Cross stations had huge blanket gambling ads, which have caused anger amongst many of the commuters who use the stations. On the other hand, these new laws are not going to affect the ads at the sports arenas like the Etihad Stadium or the MCG. In addition, all gambling ads contracts that were signed before the law are not going to be affected.

It seems that things might go much further than that. This is because Matthew Guy, the leader of the Liberal Party of Victoria thinking that the Victoria government should be much stricter. He publicity called for the government to ban all types of TV gambling ads outright. Sports wagering costs the residents of Victoria from 1.5 to 2.8 billion dollars per year, and this figure seems to be increasing with every passing year.

The government stated that it has given more than 150 million dollars to the Responsible Gambling Foundation of Victoria, but no major impact was seen. Matthew Guy also stated that the government has taken out millions from its anti gambling measures in the 1st few months, but it has not replaced any dime of it.