Brisbane Gold Murtagh Plans on Changes

The Promotion Of A Lifetime

Alex Murtagh is a XXXX Brisbane Gold coach that is looking to make a difference this year. Murtagh plans to change things up a bit and will be participating as a player. This announcement came from the Australian Premier League, recently just shortly after Murtagh learned he will be performing right along with other esteemed international bowlers. For example, both Kelven Kerkow and Jeremy Henry will be bowling as well. Henry has recently moved over from the Perth Suns and Kerkow is from XXXX Brisbane Gold.

Alex Murtagh is local to the Club Pine Rivers area and this is the third time he will be participating in this manner. History is ready to be made as Murtagh would be the only person who has ever performed as both a coach and a participant, if he goes on to win the APL03. These changes were made in hopes of finding more success this year. Last year, the XXXX Brisbane Gold finished in dead last and the Club Pine Rivers franchise deemed something needed to happen in order to bring the team back to good standing.

There is excitement in the air but Murtagh is still feeling the pressure. He feels the pressure is more intense when you are a player rather than when you are simply coaching the team. The ultimate goal is to head to the finals at the end of the season. Every player is bringing his or her best game to the lanes. Murtagh is hoping for a career highlight season. Some insider knowledge of the players might help make this season memorable for Murtagh, as he has played against his opponents in the past.

Murtagh is from just north of Brisbane in the Bundaberg area. He came to the Club Pine Rivers area over a decade ago when he was just a teen. There was an opening at the club and as a youngster, Murtagh could not pass up the opportunity. Today, much knowledge has been gained and plenty of experience that everyone hopes will help bring success to XXXX Brisbane Gold. Robbie Wild is set to be the new coach of the franchise this season as well.