Brisbane Roar Salary Situation

The owners of the Brisbane Roar are facing a lot of pressure this week as he is behind on paying both his players and staff. This is the second occurrence of this happening in just three months, which is completely unacceptable and is being addressed by the Football Federation of Australia. FFA has been resisting calls to take over the Brisbane Roar as a result of its financial issues, but may soon be forced to make a move to resolve the issue.

Players and staff were supposed to be paid earlier at the beginning of the week, but were delayed and are meant to be distributed throughout the week in small payments. However, only partial payments are expected to reach the player's and staff's bank accounts, and this is creating a lot of uproar. Owners are currently placing funds into the team throughout the week in order to meet salary demand, and are accessing the situation to find the best course of action and reasoning behind players and staff not being paid on time.

This failure of payment has extended the controversy existing between the FFA and the Professional Footballers of Australia, otherwise known as the PFA. The head of the PFA Adam Vivian has spoken out against the late payment as “completely unacceptable” and a hit to the Brisbane Uproar's reputation. The situation needs to be resolved immediately to prevent further issue and get players and staff their owed salary.

Not only are the Brisbane Roar behind on salaries, but they owe an outstanding amount of money in rent due to the unpaid usage of Ballymore. Ballymore was used as a training site for the team, which is owned by the Queensland Rugby Union, and failure to pay could result in liquidation of the Brisbane Roar.


Taking the matter a step further, the QRU had set up a case with the Queensland Supreme Court in order to resolve the issue. It was setup on Wednesday and was meant to come to a resolution over the unpaid rent for the usage of Ballymore.

Late on Tuesday a resolution was met before the case hit the courthouse. The matter between the Brisbane Roar owners and the QRU had reached a private agreement, which was released in a statement by a QRU spokesman. The details of the agreement are confidential, but both sides are pleased with the results.

The Brisbane Roar owners are looking to sell the A-League club as quickly as possible. They are contacting both local and overseas businessman to look for a buyer that may take over the team. Selling the team could resolve harsh relations that the owners have created with players and staff, as well as the damaged reputation of the club. We look forward to seeing the team in the coming season and hope that all issues are resolved before then. As of now, there is currently no active buyers that have been announced.