Broome Shire Investigates Casino Viability

Casinos have offered the best solution to the economic and social challenges that people and societies face. It is common to see towns and cities support the industry so that they can attempt to better the livelihood of the people in it. However, the results of such investments may differ from place to place and depends on how it is handled. Therefore, such processes should be handled with care and lots of preparedness.

In Broome, Australia, the case is no different. The Shire of Broome has decided to seek the services of a consultant to analyze the opportunities, the risk and the potential benefits that would come with building a casino in Broome. What does the local government expect?

The establishment of a Casino is a region shall improve the travel and tourism in a region. It is a chance for the locals to have a good transport system that would possibly include airports. People will be travelling in and out frequently. Tourist shall find a good place to come and rest and have fun. Also, Casino would offer job opportunities to the locals. It would improve their expenditure and subsequent quality of life. People of Broome will get a livelihood that would better their future.

Kenn Donohoe, the Broome CEO, reiterates the fundament impact that the casino will bring to the region. He hints that an estimated $29,000 shall be spent on the whole study, and a conclusive report shall be given to the Shire, who will ultimately present to the Council. Kenn believes that the Casino will be of great benefits to the community around the area, but will wait for the investigation results. He hopes that the results come back positive, for the people need such an undertaking that will attract private investors to the regions. The local economy shall be improved, and the people shall benefit. An increase in investment will also be beneficial to the local authority due to the huge taxes that they will be collecting as dues.

Despite the huge efforts by the Shire, the final say on the issue lays with the State government. If the study gave positive results, and the state government allows it to happen, it will be the second casino allows in West Australia.

According to Premier Colin Barnett, the local government should focus on issues that are under its jurisdiction, and let the huge duties to the state government. Colin publicly opposes the project as being overambitious and lacks full consultation, which he believes, would bring another angle to the discussion. He believes that after the presentation of the report to the Council, it will fail, for getting the license is not that easy.

According to the Shire, it is the best opportunity for the people to benefit, and the economy to burst into rising. He sees numerous opportunities and is disappointed that some members of the society do not appreciate the development. It explains the reason for requiring a separate form to do the feasibility study.