Canberra Act Sets Easy Character Test For Casino Probity

When compared with any other state or territory, ACT has a character test of casino owners that is much less demanding. Despite the different probity rules existing in 2014, the ACT and Queensland governments collaboratively accessed Aquis application, along the way Aquis withdrew from the Queensland process and only went after the ACT license.

Canberra ACT

In Queensland, business associates are required to pass a test of their financials and also meet the “character, honesty and integrity.” Even casino operators and owners are not exempted as they are also expected to pass a test of “character, honesty and integrity” and be evaluated “suitable persons” “of good repute.” Together with other financial tests, every licensee is expected to have a sound and unwavering financial background.

The same or very similar wording is utilized by most other states and territories with tests of owners, associates and managers. However, the tests are slightly different in Western Australia and South Australia. Although both regions refer to “reputation,” however, South Australia refers to the “reputation, character and financial background of the close associates”.

As is the case in every other state, people desiring to acquire a casino license in Queensland must undergo a stringent character test. During its quest for a license, Aquis sought to buy the Reef hotel Casino in the north of Cairns, Queensland to start a substantial development project at Yorkeys Knob. Also in Casinos Austria, Aquis was buying Casino Canberra at the same time.

The words “suitable person” are not employed but the ACT neither does it refer to honest, integrity and character. However, it did not fail to say that before anyone can be a licensee, they must be an “eligible person.” This refers to a person who has never been convicted of dishonesty or a fraud in the past five years or an offense or gaming offense by a year in prison. Also, the individual must have never been insolvent or bankrupt in the past five years.

Before applicants can be successful, information of “business reputation, relevant managerial experience, and financial standing” must be provided. However, it is unclear how this can be taken into account.

It is the responsibility of the minister or gambling commission to decide on the eligibility of a person. So, with the Canberra legislation, a person might not even be ruled out by those eligibility requirements. However, deciding on someone’s eligibility can be done if it’s in the public interest to allow a person to be treated as an eligible person and as long as the operations of the casino would not be negatively affected.