Ceremony for Jupiters Casino Renovations And New Hotel Tower

An official construction ceremony was held by Echo Entertainment for the new and exciting Jupiters Casino Hotel Tower along with complete renovations to the casino itself. It is a six-star hotel unlike what's been seen before. These changes are estimated to cost around $345 million dollars and is expected to be built around the year 2017, or it could be around the beginning of the year 2018. The intention is to have this plan completed by the Common Wealth Games. This luxurious hotel will have 17 stories built and will include 70 high class rooms for anyone's enjoyment.

Sizes of the hotel rooms include three and four bedrooms with amazing views along with balconies overlooking the city and its sites. Extra space will also be a visitor's option that includes family rooms and offices in case there is any work to be taken care of. The idea is to attract a particular crowd of tourists who happen to be wealthy and travel from all around the world. The casino is particularly gearing towards the higher class of Asians who love to gamble and know how to appreciate the more elegant amenities. Guests will have the chance to look over the Gold Coast while staying at the new hotel, and that fact will bring in more customers to the Jupiters Casino as well. This new hotel and casino restoration will create a list of jobs for the unemployed in the area so this will actually bring a boost to the area's economy which is always a positive. It has been stated that possibly 1,700 jobs matter fact.

There will be new restaurants to enjoy and some fun entertainment with these creative ventures. Karaoke is an activity for any visitor to let loose, and there are private parlors for this past time as well as a theater. Another goal is for the guest to be able to order anything to eat from anywhere on the property and dine right on their balcony while looking at the Gold Coast. The main idea of the whole casino and hotel project is to have a celebration for the Gold Coast. Echo Entertainment's chairman John O’Neill is attempting to attract more international visitors to the Gold Coast by making the hotel a world class type of resort. He stated that he wants this new construction to be more integrated once completed and bring a whole other type of experience that was never achieved before. The best in architecture are being used domestic and internationally, and service is the main key that he wants to represent.