Clashes Between Acquis Entertainment and Clubs ACT

The parent company of one of the biggest casinos in Australia, Canberra Casino, seems to have a continuous feud with Clubs ACT. This parent company is Acquis Entertainment which is based in Hong Kong. Earlier last month, the company has given Clubs ACT as well as Richard Farmer the clubs lobbyist and the Canberra Raiders until the 20th of July in order to withdraw their statements regarding the licensing process of the Canberra Casino that the lobbyists are calling to be deceptive, inflammatory and defamatory. The deadline that was given by Acquis Entertainment has expired and none of the above mentioned parties have caved to the legal pressure by the group, as none of them have withdrawn their statements.

Besides being the Clubs’ lobbyist, Richard Farmer is the Canberra Community Voters’ secretary, which is a new political party that is taking part in the elections of ACT. Richard Farmer has accused Andrew Barr, the Chief minister of ACT for engaging in backroom secret deals regarding the Manuka Oval bidding and the Canberra Casino licensing process. Richard Farmer has also called on the ACT government in order to make the 2 deals public, but he was then informed by the licensing director, Josh Rynehar, that the proposal included a big amount of documentation and that Farmer will be asked to pay almost $65k so the government can grand him such request.

The issue at hand is that Clubs ACT were not pleased by the decision of Andrew Barr to give Canberra Casino up to two-hundred pokie licenses because they believe that such decision is going to cause almost 2,300 employees to lose their current jobs, and that a big number of clubs, that they represent, are going to go out of business.

The legal representatives of the Acquis Entertainment, Gilbert and Tobin, have sent a letter to all of the involved parties stating that the announced facts were purposely misconstrued, the letter also included warning them of legal action if they do not choose to remove such slanderous materials. Acquis Entertainment did not stop there, as it took these complaints to the ACCC.

Gilbert and Tobin letter also informed them that they were not putting in mind the already tough situation that the clubs are facing, and that it is a fact that a number of clubs are already on the verge of shutting down and terminating their employees. In addition, pokies being added to the Canberra Casino is not only going to create new jobs, but it will give the clubs that are struggling the chance to sell their machines to the casino.