Clear the Carpet for this Year’s Indoor APL Championship

Even in the early stages of the Australian Premier league the competition has shown itself to be invigorating. With the Tweed Heads Bowling Club serving as the backdrop we can see intensity flare between our first rounders Robbie wild an APL Champion representing XXXX Brisbane gold going against Tom Mitchell serving the stage for Solargain Perth Suns, both are youngsters in the game yet not to be considered amateurs. Tom Mitchell presents his resume boasting back to back WA bowler of the year titles while his opponent is also a force to be reckoned with as he is still coasting high from his Australian Open Pairs victory puts him in a fifth seed position.

Both of these competitors burst on to the scene at the APL battling veterans of the game on turf unfamiliar to reach this moment, and if ending in a victory could serve as their launching pad to the flashing lights. Yet as everyone here has come to play their next challenge should be just as heart pounding when the winner faces the victor of Jason Carpenter from Club Helensvale and Lee Stinton from the Orange Ex Services.

The competition only gets more fierce as we travel higher in the brackets With Mathew Ellul ready to face the primetime lights in his APL Debut this november after he serves as replacement for Jeremy Henry,who is now formerly a Perch Suns player. The road for Mathew still presents it obstacles in the form of his competitor standing in the way of the club Pine rivers carpet, who goes by the name of Corey Wedlock. Needless to say this introduction to his first Australian Indoor Championship will not be an easy stroll. His opponent, Wedlock has ridden his successful stint at the Aero Bowls National Rankings to an impressive fourth seed ranking in the championships and has no desire to go home empty handed.

If it wasn't apparent before it should be now, the Australian Premier League will be a competition for the storybooks. Beyond the highlighted matches names that are of equal note and caliber are Jeremy Henry now apart of XXXX Brisbane Gold and even St. Johns Park Josh Berry, just more proof that this is an event you do not want to miss.