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ClickAndBuy has established itself as one of the leading online money processors in the entire world. The company sought out the simple mission of making the processing of money easier via the Internet. So far, they have amassed more than 14 million customers and greater than 16,000 online stores that accept them as a means of payment. To say that they have been successful is a bit of an understatement.

As a company with humble roots in Cologne, Germany, ClickAndBuy has expanded its reach to nearly the entire planet and nearly all casino online venues are now Click and Buy online casinos . Though they were founded just 16 years ago in 1999, the company has now moved its headquarters to London and continues to grow and seek out new opportunities from all around the globe. In doing so, they have made sure that they are becoming an increasingly popular household name.

What has helped to set ClickAndBuy apart is the fact that they accept transactions nearly worldwide. They process money in over 120 different currencies, and are opening up the ability to shop at new online stores nearly every day. This means that the reach of this brand is continuing to expand.

It was very important for ClickAndBuy to gain such large numbers in terms of acceptance. They operate in an industry where there is a lot of mistrust. There are still plenty of individuals who do not necessarily want to exchange their money over the Internet for goods. They are afraid of fraudulent practices, and this can harm many payment processors that are just trying to make their way in the online business world. ClickAndBuy has done more than enough to bring their brand and name into the mainstream and encourage plenty of people to do their shopping using their service.

What ClickAndBuy has that others do not is the experience and the reputation of a payment process with greater than 15 years in the business. This means that they have in large part ironed out any bumps in the road that may have come their way in the early days. This is a leg up on other payment processors who frequently face some beginners mistakes so to speak. Luckily, for those who use ClickAndBuy, this is not a problem they will have to concern themselves with.

It should be noted that in 2010 ClickAndBuy became a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG. That is Europe's largest telecommunications company. They own the brand because they believe in the promise and profitability that it provides, but they have also largely left the company as it was before they purchased it. They saw no need to try to fix something that wasn't broken. Users still flock to this service for payment processing.