click2pay Click2Pay Online Casinos

Click2Pay is the modern way of paying online for casino games and slot machines. It is one of the safest and convenient banking solutions in today's world where funding and withdrawing from your account is more easy than ever. When transactions using Visa and MasterCard are bound by strict banking rules and regulations, Click2Pay can come to your rescue.

Click2Pay which came into existence only a few years ago in the US is an alternative to PayPal and Moneybooker. It quickly grew to become the most recognized form of payment covering more than 200 countries. With Click2Pay making deposits and withdrawals from gambling account is as easy as pie because there is no need to deal with credit card companies that decide on how much one can withdraw or deposit or for what activities those transactions are valid. The user can use this method of payment anywhere where it is accepted without hassles. Funding a Click2Pay account is faster than other payment methods and this method even offers choices in various currencies, such as US dollars, euros and British pounds.

Click2Pay eWallet Type Service

Click2Pay is one such banking option that is similar to eWallet where all money dealings happen between the user/player and the casino. So, there is no question of credit card rejections and third party hovering around the shoulder. The account that user owns at any casino that accepts this option can be funded immediately via Click2Pay website using a valid credit card. Before anything, the user needs to sign up on the official website and become verified as well. The only downside of this payment method is that for every deposit made to the account via credit card, the company charges 3% transaction fee. But there is a work-around. One way to avoid this fee is to fund the Ckick2Pay account using ACH or direct deposit or direct debit from an existing bank account. This transaction option is free of any charge and completely safe to do.

Once the funds are transferred to Click2Pay account through bank deposit or credit card, the fund is now ready to be used. Users can proceed with transferring this fund to their online casino account via banking facility that the casino allows or eCash. At this point, the user will be asked to enter username, personal account number or PAN which is a number that is assigned during the sign-up process and the amount that the user would like to transfer. Making withdrawals from Click2Pay is as simple as making deposits. Withdrawing money can be done either through EFT that deposits money into the user's bank account or by requesting the company to send a check for the specified amount. Checks will usually take 1 to 3 weeks depending on the user's location, and each check will cost around $2 as issuing fee. By choosing EFT option, the user can get access to the requested fund within 48 hours, and best of all, this service is free.

Rated Most Secure

Clcik2Pay is rated as one of the most secure form of payment options by many online casino fans. To get to this level, the company has invested a great deal of time, energy, resources and effort in making sure that their software and systems offer safe environment for their clients. When a user registers on this website for the first time, that information is sent directly through a secure browser connection or SSL. Click2Pay uses multi-layer encrypted technology including firewalls to safeguard clients' data. Everything the user does on the website is protected and meticulously logged which means their information and money are in safe hands.