Clubs ACT Launches Attack after Canberra Casino Gets Poker Machines

ACT has responded to the announcement by the Aussie government that it would allow Canberra casino to host two-hundred poker machines. The statement was by Andrew Barr, the Chief Minister, who announced that Canberra’s casino can get access up to 200 machines out of the 5,000 machines of the ACT. The offer was the response to a massive redevelopment proposal that was worth 330 million dollars that was strongly hinged on the access to gaming machines by the government. At the moment, poker machines are an exclusive offering to community clubs that are within the ACT area, which means that the Canberra Casino is the sole casino on Australian soil that does not offer any machines, yet. The Chief Executive of Clubs ACT, Gwyn Rees has stated that this move by the government, allowing 200 machines to the Canberra Casino is simply unacceptable.

The statement also included saying that the ACT government has been attacking the club industry in Canberra for too long, and that the government has deliberately taken the decision without consulting with the industry, which is both frustrating and disappointing, which left the Clubs community in the ACT quite angry. He also stated that the body of Clubs ACT remains against any erosion to the gaming model of the community.

According to the existing poker machine trading scheme, any casino would have to buy already existing machines from the clubs, and the owner of the casino, Aquis Entertainment, once stated that it agrees to cooperate. A statement from the company has stated that they understand that the clubs have been looking forward to diversify their business and that they are hoping to work positively with them in order to create a cohesive and a strong industry.

Mr. Rees added that unlike the clubs, the casinos are not going to pump revenue from these machines back the community of Canberra. He added that if the casinos want to get their money back, they will have to supercharge the profits and the returns, which means that they will aggressively go after the local market, and this is not money that is going to get back to the community, but rather to foreign owner.

The Canberra Casino wanted 500 poker machines at first, but it certainly welcomed the offer of the government and settled for only 200, and called it an extremely encouraging decision. The casino also added that this outcome is what was required for them to finalize their business case of the project,

The ACT, which represents the opposition, stated on the tongue of Brendan Smyth, the spokesman, stated that if 500 machines was wrong, how come the right thing is 200 machines. The chief of the ACT has stated that he would like to see the number of machines in the country reduced and not increased.