Corruption and Illegal Cricket Wagering Poses Danger to Aussie Cricket

Cricket Australia’s Senior Legal Counsel, Iain Roy, has stated that illegal gambling and corruption in cricket in Australia is posing a great threat to the sport’s integrity. He made that statement during his speech before the start of the long awaited Big Bash League. He added that the Twenty 20 League is currently under imminent threat from an attack from the illegal wagering companies and syndicates that are located offshore.

The “Pitchsiders” Pose a real Threat to the Sport’s Integrity

There are the “Pitchsiders” that pose that threat. They are the spectators who give out real time info on the games at the Big Bash League. They pass on this ball to ball information to gamblers that are located offshore. This allows the gamblers to alter their bets mere seconds before the sportsbooks can start to alter the odds according to the progress of the match.

There is also a tactic that is used in the sport of tennis, which is called “Courtsiding”. Courtsiders were dealt with openly by the Australian Open. Recently, there was a gambler from the UK who attended the matches at the Melbourne Grand Slam. He was relaying vital real time, play by play stats and points to gamblers located offshore in Asia. Although he got ejected from the matches, but the police at Melbourne did not press charges.

The KFC Big Bash League

The Twenty 20 Leagues abroad are already having problems with the Pitchsiders. The upcoming League Season the KFC Big Bash will initiate on the 20th of December with a great number of reigning champs such as the Sydney 6ers and Sydney Thunder. The Adelaide strikers start their road a day later as they have a home die with Brisbane heat.

Iain Roy Warns the Cricket Community

The last thing that the Australian cricket sport needs is a scandal, especially with it being so close to the start of the season. Iain Roy has stated that there is something big that is going to happen in Australian Cricket. This is why the community has to prepare itself for when that happens. This is because Pitchsiders is not news in Australia. Recently, 5 Pitchsiders were caught during a game that took place in Hobart. Cricket Tasmania pointed out that these Pitchsiders were caught and then ejected.

Pitchsiders and Illegal Wagering Is Not the Only Problem

While the problems caused by illegal gambling, Pitchsiders and offshore companies continue, they are not the only problem. This is because the corruption among the players themselves is a whole other problem. With the T20 Leagues clearly being affected by such corruption, Cricket Australia remains on guard. This last month, a T20 cricket player got suspended in South Africa after being accused of being a part of a match-fixing activity.