Couple from Leongatha Claim the 40 Million Oz Lotto Jackpot

The Oz Lotto has created many millionaires along the years, and after 3 long days of search for the winners of the last Oz Lotto draw, a couple from the Leongatha community has stepped forward and claimed the 40 million dollars jackpot reward. The couple has decided to stay anonymous, has managed to match all 7 numbers to win the massive O lotto of the draw. The jackpot prize of 40 million dollars is the largest one to be given by the Oz Lotto in 2016.

In the beginning, the spokesman for the Tattersall’s Oz Lotto has stated that the winning ticket for the lotto that would claim the 40 million dollars has been sold in the small dairy and farming community of Leongatha. As a result of that statement, the members of the community have waited anxiously for the winners to appear to claim the prize. What made it harder is that the couple decided not to register the entry to the players’ card, this is why the officials of the Oz Lotto Officials didn’t know the identity of the holders of the elusive winning lotto ticket, which is worth 40 million dollars.

The news has spread like wildfire in the community of Leongatha that the winners are from the town. This is why the winning wife eventually had to check her ticket to find out that she has the 40 million dollar ticket. Commenting on the win, during an interview, the winning wife stated that it was a grand shock as someone told them to check the ticket and they were more than shocked to find out that they have been the winners all along. She stated that she kept checking the numbers, but they didn’t change.

The winners have promised that they are going to give back to the community as they plan to share their new wealth with the members of the community, their friends and neighbors. She added that the winning amount is huge and that it is more than enough in order to look after the family and that they have been thinking of many ways to give back to the community. They have been planning to give back once they win the lottery, even if it was just 1 million, but now, the money is more and they plan to do more.

The Nextra Newsagency proprietors, which sold the winning lotto ticket, Peter and Deb Watchcorn, have stated that the entire Leongatha community is going to benefit in a direct and an indirect way from the couple’s life changing jackpot win.

The 40 million jackpot might be huge, and the biggest one this year, but it trails behind some larger lotto wins in the history of Australian. In November of 2012, 4 winners split a record breaking lotto jackpot that was worth 100 million dollars.