Cricket Australia Promises to Evict Pitchsiders Became a Reality

Cricket Australia has been having a lot of trouble with Pitchsiders. The sport has vouched to deal with the problem, and it seems that Cricket Australia is living up to that promise. This is because it has begun the crackdown on the Pitchers as several people got evicted from the games during the BBL 06. Ian Roy, the Senior Legal Counsel of Cricket Australia has stated once before that the anti corruption unit of the governing body is vigilant as it is expected that wagering related corruption is going to be a continuous challenge for the BBL. He also stated that the T20 competitions overseas and the level of corruption it witnessed is a proof of that.

Pitchsiders – A Real Problem to The Sport

The act of Pitchsiding is when people attending the event in real time use their mobile devices in order to send info regarding the game to the bookmakers. This is usually faster than the broadcast signal, which gives the bookmakers, as well as bettors who access the service a real advantage when it comes to in-game live betting. This will become a real problem when live betting becomes legal officially as the passage of the new amendments to the IGA in 2017 is expected.
Cricket Australia can now search and even seize any devices that are being use in the practice of Pitchsiding. As of now, the security staff at the Cricket Australia events is trained in order to be able to detect the Pitchsiders who are operating such devices.

Pitchsiders Getting Kicked out of CA Events

Recently, during a BBL match between Adelaide Strikers and the Hobart Hurricanes that took place in the Blundstone Arena, a person was escorted out of the arena. He was allegedly Pitchsiding. According to the Hobart Mercury, there have been reports that indicate that up to 5 of these Pitchsiders were also caught during the same match that took place at the Blundstone Arena.

The Hobart venue has installed state of the art surveillance measures to spot Pitchsiders among the fans. It is also much easier to spot them because it is a small venue. A CA spokeswoman stated that these evictions are proof that the CA has adopted a zero tolerance approach towards Pitchsiders. There have been reports that were revealed by Cricket Australia that indicate that many young Aussie cricket players were contacted by international match fixers, which happened through social media.

Last month, Alviro Petersen, the ex batsman of the South African Test, got banned from the sport of Cricket for 2 years, because he failed to report a corrupt approach from a players on his team. He did not participate in any activities, but he was a part of the talks regarding fixing matches in the T20 tournament in South Africa.