Crown Barangaroo Rests on the Final Approval

Crown Barangaroo, which belongs to James Packer has been facing a lot of setbacks regarding its establishment that has resulted in a delay of eighteen months. Although the casino has been working hand in hand closely with the NSW (New South Wales) government in order to overcome the obstacles and sort out all of the issues that stood in its way regarding the 1.2 billion Barangaroo project, it seems that the Department of Planning of New South Wales has requested even more changes to be applied to the original Barangaroo proposal before an approval can be fully given.

Rob Stokes, the planning minister has appointed the expert panel that is handling the proposal. This panel wanted the new podium that is going to house 271 meter tower to be significantly reduced so the visitors can have easy access to the foreshore of the harbor. The expert panel also wanted the wanted Crown Barangaroo to have an observation deck on its 65th floor at the 71st level tower and that would be opened  for public access.

That is not all, as the expert panel has consulted with many public members as well as stakeholders in order to review the project in order to come up with a final set of recommendations.  These recommendations included the reduction of the licensed area of the ground floor so the public can move freely. The panel also carried out a survey so it can the project’s impact on Sydney Observatory. The panel also imposed a number for operating hours on the outdoor and ground floor areas of the new hotel.

Crown Barangaroo has agreed to comply with most of the recommendations and the changes although it has initially refused the shrinking of the size of its podium because it would result in reducing the number of casino gaming tables that it has planned for this area. Crown Resorts has also stated that the reduction to the podium size is going to result and affects its VIP gaming establishment greatly, which would affects the financial and economic future of the casino in a bad way. On the other hand, after a lot of discussion, Crown Resorts has succeeded to work out all of the issues and concerns, and has agreed to comply in full with all of the recommendations made by the expert panel. A representative of Crown Casino has stated that Crown has worked with their architects in order to make sure that all of the conditions and the recommendations of the Planning Departments were met. The new design, which includes a change in the podium is going to help Crown Sydney in getting embraced by the community and the visitors, as one of the best architectural and hotel icons in the world. The NSW Planning Dept. as a result, was pleased that Crown Barangaroo has complied with its recommendations and made the needed adjustments to the proposal. This is why the dept. has recommended the new proposal for final approval.