Crown Casino Workers Fight the Wage War

Few days ago, last weakened, hundreds of restaurant workers, security guards, hotel staff and casino dealers that work at the Crown Casino complex that is located in Melbourne went out to protest. These protest happened amid the ongoing negotiations of the wage war, as the workers look for over pay. According to reports from the Sydney Morning Herald, this was the first ever public protest by the Crown Casino workers, which is the biggest Australian casino in thirteen years. These protests are an attempt to resolve the compensation negotiations that have been happening since last April.

According to the reports from the newspaper, the 5500 staff members of the Victoria Casino get paid on the same hourly wage, despite the working hours. The union representatives are demanding Crown Resorts Ltd.’s operator to allow for extra pay of 2.31 dollars an hour for all duties carried out between 7:00pm and 7:00 am during the weekends.

Matt Poynter, the union delegate/table games dealer has told the newspaper that his job requires a lot of sacrifices, because he is on duty from 8:00pm to 4:00 am most of the nights, and this includes the weekends, while his girlfriend works the usual hours.

He also added that due to these working hours, he misses all of the regular life events that the normal people who work for normal hours take for granted because they have free time during the evening. He said he signed up for the job without knowing that he was getting himself into.

Responding to all of that, Crown Resorts Ltd. has stated that it would prefer to pay all of its workers higher than normal hourly rates, rather than giving out overnight or weekend compensation. According to the current deals, grade-2 beverage and food attendants would earn 18.48 dollars per hour, which results in 36,950 a year. As for 1st year table dealers, they cash in 20 dollars an hour, which would results in 39.260 a year, which can rise progressively to reach 49,270 dollars after 5 years.

According to an official statement by Crown Casino, the employees at Crown Casino receive higher pay and better conditions than the workers in the hospitality and tourism industry. The statement also added that they are currently engaged in negotiations with the union in order to reach an agreement.

In addition, results of an investigation carried out by the United Voice casino workers union, it seems that many workers have missed crucial events and milestones because they were required to work weekends. According to Jess Walsh from the United Voice, if you work at the Crown Casino, there is a big chance that you would end up working a minimum of forty weekends each year.