Crown Casino’s Sic Bo Dealer Arrested

Back in October of 2015, the security at one of the biggest casinos in Melbourne, Australia, the Crown Casino has arrested a twenty years old dealer who was then handed to the City West complex authorities,. This dealer was a student at the University of Melbourne, and he was accused of defrauding over 100,000 Australian Dollars as he rigged a game of dice. He gave out this amount to his partners in crime who were present at the table, despite the fact that they did not win at the game at hand.

Following the investigations of the matter were complete, the five players who were at the table were also arrested and are facing criminal charges as they were charged of obtaining monetary benefits by deception. The criminal conduct of the student/dealer was caught through a CCTV camera after the footage revealed that the crew of 5 players was getting paid a lot of cash through one of the most popular dice games, the Chinese Sic Bo, despite the fact that they were not winning. The investigations also showed that the dealer was the mastermind behind all of this, and that he was receiving the lion's share of the loot, as he gained 65% of the cut, while the rest shared 35% among each other. The stolen funds were divided at a car park in the University of Melbourne. Although the crime took place several months ago, it has taken the police authorities quite some time to thoroughly study the CCTV footage tapes of the incident and to investigate the entire operation.

The controversy seems to never stop revolving around the Crown Casino, as it seems that there is always some kind of criminal or suspicious activity going on the premises of the casino. The most recent controversy was the invitation that was sent to the Malaysian poker player, Paul Phua, to gamble at the casino, and the casino even sent him a private jet to get him to Melbourne despite the fact that the high stakes poker players has been facing many allegations that he is tied with the criminal underworld of Asia that participates in match fixing. Michael Mclnerney, the Judge from County Court has considered this move by Crown Casino to be a blot on the reputation of Melbourne. He also added in a statement that he fails to understand the type of security that they implement in the casino for such activities to take place so freely as there is a long list of allegations of ties to criminal syndicates, money laundry and drug trafficking. For example, in 2014, high stakes gambler Peter Han Hoang was killed, he was a key member of a money laundry synidcate who was suspected of using Crown Casino to launder more than one billion dollars through the 10 years between 2012 – 14.