Crown Resorts and Aristocrat Leisure to Face A Law Suit

Crown Resorts Ltd. Is one of the biggest casino operators in Australia that runs multiple casinos.  This company, as well as the well known gaming machine developer and manufacturer, Aristocrat Leisure Ltd. might be facing a very difficult lawsuit. This lawsuit is regarding one of the games offered at Crown Resorts casinos, which is powered by Aristocrat. The game in question is the Dolphin Treasure pokie. The lawsuit is reportedly complaining about the fact that the machine disguises the players’ losses in the form of winnings, which will encourage players to continue playing.

According to reports, the case has been brought up by a local Aussie player, who is a veteran slot player with experience of 14 years. She has asked Maurice Blackburn, a lawyer, in order to write to both, Crown Resorts and Aristocrat Leisure on her behalf, as a pro bono case, in order to work out a resolution to the claim regarding the Dolphin Treasure slot. Shonica Guy has stated that the machine is designed to take the players’ money. She said that she was hooked to the game as soon as she started playing it, and that there is a very thin line that separates entertainment and gambling.

Maurice Blackburn has stated that Aristocrat Leisure and Crown Resorts Ltd. have 2 weeks to reply to the accusations by Shonica Guy. If there is no response, the matter will have to be moved to a federal court where the plaintiff is going to be represented by Ron Merkel the barrister.

According to newspaper reports, the legal action is going to shed light on the unbalanced distribution of icons that are needed to win, across the 5 reels of the game. This represents the main tenet of the slot. It is also going to include focusing on the design features of Dolphin Treasure, including the usage of images as well as sounds in order to camouflage the players’ losses.

The plaintiff stated that she started to spin the reels of the slots at a club close to her Adelaide house in South Australia. She started doing that back when she was seventeen years old. She then continued this habit for the next fourteen years, mainly at a shopping center where she would spend her lunch breaks playing on the pokie machines.

This legal action is supported by none other than the Gambling Reform Alliance. This alliance has been working for the last few years, hoping to alter the current laws of the nation regarding slot machines. Blackburn also added that the slots give players the illusion that they have a chance of winning, when in fact, they have