Crown Resorts Ltd. To Build New Skyscraper in Melbourne

Crown Resorts Wins Approval for New Melbourne Skyscraper

The Australian casino industry is booming, and proof of that are the reports that state that Crown Resorts has gotten permission for a new skyscraper. This new skyscraper is going to contain ninety levels, and it is going to be located next to its complex in Melbourne. This Skyscraper building will contain 388 6-star hotel rooms as well as more than 700 apartments. According to the reports, the new building is going to be called the Queensbridge Hotel Tower. It is going to be the tallest building in all of Victoria with more than 1,056 feet in height, which is going to cost $1.33 billion.

Crown Resorts Talks about the Construction

Crown Resorts, which is based in Melbourne, has reportedly stated that the construction is expected to end by the end of 2023. This construction is going to take place at a 19.7 acre site in the center of the city, which is right on the Yarra River bank. Despite the fact that the new building does not offer any casino gaming services, it is going to be connected to the complex. As stated by Crown Resorts, it is going to be connected to the existing Melbourne Complex through a footbridge that will go over Queensbridge St.

Melbourne City Council Comments on the Project

Richard Wynn, Victoria’s Planning Minister, stated that following one year of talks with the City Council of Melbourne, the project is expected to turn around more than $1.61 Billion in economic benefits for the Victorian state. He also reportedly added that the Crown Resorts Company, and Schiavello the developer, will be asked to hand over $76.57 million towards a package to the community. This package will help with the makeover of the Queensbridge Square area. Another amount of the money will be marked for the redevelopment of the Sandridge rail bridge that passes over the River.

Another supporter of the project is the Premier for Victoria, Daniel Andrews. He reportedly stated that the project is of state significance. This is because it would help create more than four-thousand job opportunities. This includes 3000 jobs during the construction phase, and 1000 full time jobs when the complex is constructed.

On the other hand, it seems that not all council members support the idea. This is because Rohan Lepper, who is one of the council members spoke against it saying that it represents a mockery of the skyscraper rules that were introduced last year by Wynne. He added that 2 years of policy work, research as well as consultation with the public on the planning controls seems to count for nothing when Crown Resorts knocks on the doors. Michael Buxtor, a college professor also spoke against the building, stating that the power that Crown Resorts has clearly overcomes the rules.