Documents Reveal the Covering Up of Violent Crimes at Star Casino

The Sydney Star Casino seems to be covering up some of the most violent criminal activities that take place on its casino premises. It also involves assaults that take place towards players and staff members. This was revealed through multiple leaked governmental documents. According to a review by the government of New South Whales into the practices of Star Sydney Casino, the casino is sweeping the majority of the assaults under the rug. According to reports, the rate of serious crimes at the flagship Sydney Star Casino is way above the average across Australia. This was according to a report by the Department of Justice of Australia.

Crime Activities at The Star

The criminal activities include assaults on the staff and the players, drink related assaults, forced removals and more. All of these crimes rate quite highly in the Star Sydney Casino.  In addition, in many cases of the 111 recorded incidents at the casino, over the period of 6-months, a majority of them did not get reported to the authorities.

From these incidents that are not being reported to the desk of the night officer include a case where a security guard from the casino allegedly assaulted a gambler by head butting him.

During a 1-year time period, the Star Sydney casino witnessed more than 250 violent incidents. This means that the premier casino of Sydney, The Star Casino, which is one of the casino hotspots, has become one of the biggest hubs for crimes and violence in the city.

Controversial Curfew Shows its Effects on The Star

There has been a controversial curfew that was applied in Sydney. This curfew is being attacked and accused of unfairly affecting the vibrant nightlife of the city. This is because while clubs and bars in Kings Cross are obligated not to serve alcohol after 3:00 AM, The Star Casino can offer alcohol at any time. On the other hand, after two years from the implementation of the curfew, it seems that all drinking related crimes and assaults have found their way to The Star casino.

There has been a lot of evidence that was revealed during the year that showed that the new laws are having an effect on The Star Casino. According to the BOCSAR, the assaults in the Pyrmont neighborhood of The Star Casino have seen an increase to 13% in terms of assaults. While the bosses of the casino tried to escape their responsibility, the fact remains that the rise of assaults is just miles away from The Star Casino.

According to the leaked documents, the license of The Star casino might be altered in order to include certain measurements that would deal with such behavior. This would have a great affect on its nightclubs like Marquee and Rock Lily, as many of the violent assaults took place there.