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EcoPayz is a payment method that provides solutions to individuals and businesses all over the world. Their services include offering account and card-based payment solutions globally.

EcoPayz History

Since it's inception in 2000, EcoPayz has provided their customers with a fast and safe to make cash flow around the world.

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As EcoPayz has continued to grow throughout the years, it has made a lot of significant progress. In 2008, the FCA authorized PSI-Pay Ltd (the company who owns EcoPayz) to issue electronic money as a specialized electronic issuer. This played a huge role in determining how the company did business.

The next year, 2009, proved to be an eventful year for EcoPayz. They were the first financial institution to ever launch an iPhone app, which is quite impressive. In recent years, they have continued to update their apps.

Also, PSI-Pay Ltd was officially to issue MasterCard for the first time in 2009 when they became a principal member of the company.

In 2010, EcoPayz made tremendous growth in their customer service department. The company introduced 24/7 multilingual customer support in order to assist any person worldwide at any time of day.

The company better organized their expenses by implementing the ecoPayz Business Account in 2011. This account was launched to make paying salaries, affiliates, and other expenses easier and cheaper than ever before.

Prior to the name ‘EcoPayz', the company was formerly known as ‘EcoCard'. As it continued to grow over the years, the company decided that the name ‘EcoCard' was no longer adequate for a company that provided a variety of payment options for individuals and businesses. Thus, it was rebranded in 2013 as the new ‘EcoPayz' which offered products including: ecoAccount, ecoCard, ecoVirtualcard, ecoPayz Business Account, and ecoPayz Merchant Account.

In 2014, the newly launched EcoPayz became even more savvy with technology. They made great improvements on their ecoAccount app, which gave their customers the option to use their account with their smartphones and iPads. In addition, the ecoVirtualcard was relaunched in January of that year, and it now allowed customers to access a one time use payment card for online and telephone purchases. Also, they implemented a more secure payment system online by requiring customers to only access their account through their ecoCard PIN.

EcoPayz Headquarters

The EcoPayz headquarters are located in Horsham, England. EcoPayz currently offers services and products to 159 countries in 47 currencies.